Los Angeles Attorneys Defend Those Charged With A DUI Criminal Offense

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California based Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is proud to announce that their team of experienced lawyers are capable of defending those who were charged with a DUI criminal offense. The firm asserts that their comprehensive understanding of California DUI laws gives them the ability to capitalize on extensive experience and vigorously fight for their clients’ rights.

“Fighting for the full disposal of any and all DUI charges is our primary goal as your defense attorneys. We understand that a DUI conviction can be disastrous for one’s future as well as a very traumatic experience, especially for first time offenders. When facing a DUI charge, it is imperative that you hire a lawyer who is highly-skilled and experienced in handling such cases because they can help you avoid convictions and the resulting harsh penalties,” says the firm.

They add that they have years of experience handling all types of DUI offenses in California, including impaired driving, driving under the influence, over 80 m.g. DUI, failure to provide a breath sample, care and control, and multiple DUI cases. The firm explains that, for drinking and driving offenses, their defense is largely based on technical grounds. Learn more here: DUI Offense.

Their strategy is to focus on investigating whether the arresting police officer violated any constitutional rights, as well as whether the breath or blood sample analyses were acquired through the use of approved instruments and within the time frame set by the law. Furthermore, the firm also gathers first-hand evidence from the site of the incident to compare with that of the prosecutor. This allows them to point out irregularities, if any exist, in court. “If you are dealing with drinking and driving offenses, get in touch with us immediately for professional advice, consultation services, and defense at trial,” advises the firm.

Additionally, Los Angeles DUI Lawyer points out that the state of California imposes hefty fines and strict sanctions to those convicted of DUI. For first-time offenders, the court may impose probation of up to three years, license suspension for six months, up to six months jail time, and a fine that may go as high as $1000. Meanwhile, for second-time offenders, the court may impose probation of up to three years, license suspension for two years, a fine of up to $1000 plus penalty assessments, and a one year jail sentence. Furthermore, for those who have three or more DUI convictions, the court may impose probation of up to five years, license suspension for three years, a fine of up to $1000 plus penalty assessments, and a 120 day jail sentence that may be extended up to one year.

According to the firm, the legal consequences of a DUI offense are different if the accused has caused bodily harm or death due to impaired driving. They explain that such injury DUIs can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, and such cases can result in a prison sentence of up to four years with fines of up to $5000. In California, if no one is killed or injured, the maximum sentence is four years of jail time. If someone has suffered bodily harm, the maximum DUI sentence could be up to 10 years of jail time. However, If there is a death and the prosecutor has opted to press a second degree murder charge, the maximum sentence imposable can be between 15 years to life behind bars.

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer emphasizes the importance of hiring an experienced Los Angeles DUI defense attorney when facing a DUI charge. They state that only a DUI lawyer is capable of fighting for a full case dismissal or assist the accused in negotiating a plea bargain that works to his or her advantage. In some situations, a DUI lawyer can navigate the legal process to help ensure that the defendant will not have to face any jail time, and they may even avoid license suspension. DUI cases are often complex in nature, and only an experienced defense attorney can help a defendant protect their best interests.

“For impaired driving charges in Los Angeles, get in touch with Los Angeles DUI Lawyer," says the firm. “DUI cases are among the most litigated in courts of California and we are proud to have consistently shown successful results in defending our clients from these charges. Our team of lawyers has vast experience and professional expertise in this field.”

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is an established DUI lawyer Los Angeles residents can trust. They have a team of highly-skilled attorneys whose mission is to uphold and protect human rights as well as provide each client with a strong defense team over the course of their trial.

Complete details can be found on the firm’s website. Interested parties may also send an email or call their office hotline to schedule a free consultation. Furthermore, online users may connect with Los Angeles DUI Lawyer through their official social media pages to stay up to date with their latest news and important announcements.

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