Minnesota Law Firm Extols Importance Of Hiring A Professional Truck Injury Attorney

November 25, 2019
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Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota based Truck Accident Attorney recently issued a public advisory regarding the importance of hiring a professional truck injury attorney to identify the true value of a personal injury claim. The firm also advises that victims avoid attempting to negotiate with insurance companies directly given that their settlement offers are typically far lower than the actual value of the claim.

“Whether you are a trucker, pedestrian, or another vehicle driver injured in a commercial truck incident, it is crucial that you understand your legal rights and any means of compensation that may be available to you. It is also important to realize how complex truck collision cases can be, as many different parties may be liable for damages, so it is imperative that you hire a professional attorney who is capable of protecting not only your legal rights but also your personal interests,” says Pete Kestner from Truck Accident Attorney. He explains that a lawyer can create a legal strategy to determine the best course of action for the case.

MN Truck Injury Attorney

As noted on the firm’s website, truck accidents often result in high profile legal cases. The court awards damages based on three primary damage types, including punitive damages, non-economic damages, and economic damages. Economic damages are losses that are calculated based on the precise amount of damages incurred including current and future medical expenses, transportation costs, and other types of losses that can be calculated that have occurred due to the foreseeable results of the accident. To obtain compensation for economic damages, victims must provide document evidence in court or witnesses to prove the claims.

Non-economic damages refer to intangible damages that compensate the victim for the psychological harm resulting from the accident. Psychological problems can be identified in many forms, including post-traumatic stress issues, mental anguish, suffering and pain, and any other types of intangible loss. Punitive damages, also known as exemplary damages, are intended to extend further than compensation. Punitive damages aim to punish defendants in extremely serious cases. If the accident has resulted in death, the immediate relatives of the deceased can also file a wrongful death lawsuit in order to seek compensation for economic and psychological benefits that they would still be enjoying if the person were still alive.

“Our truck accident lawyers are aware of the emotional and financial pressures that one might be facing during such difficult times in life. We are here to help and fight for you so that you can get the rightful compensation that you deserve,” says Kestner. He also points out that they specialize in handling carrier collision claims, and the firm has garnered respect not only within the legal profession but also from past clients as well.

The Trucking Lawyers - Truck Injury Attorney is a trusted team of lawyers with extensive experience in dealing with truck accident lawsuits. They offer free consultations for new clients and do not charge unless they are able to win the case in question. Many of their previous clients as well as their peers attest to the firm’s competence in handling even the most complex personal injury cases in Minnesota.

Ken Levinson, in a 5-star Google review, says, “Pete Kestner is one of the most talented trucking lawyers in the county. He has become an expert in the intricacies of the trucking industry, federal regulations, and complex insurance coverage. I have witnessed Pete's abilities first hand working on trucking cases with him where he maximizes results for his clients using his creativity, knowledge, and old fashioned hard work. Moreover, Pete is a wonderful, caring person. If you are looking for an attorney, I highly recommend having Pete and his team help.”

Meanwhile, Jay Stefani says in another Google review, “I've had the pleasure of working in a trucking case with Pete Kestner. He is an outstanding lawyer and an excellent person. He and his partner, Greg McEwen, do amazing work for their clients.”

Complete details can be found on the firm’s website. Clients may also send an email or call their service hotline to inquire about their legal services. Alternatively, interested parties can check out this article from The Trucking Lawyers to learn how they handle truck accident claims in Minnesota.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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