Minnesota Truck Accident Attorney Shares Advice On Minimizing Crashes Caused By Driver Fatigue

November 21, 2019
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The Truck Accident Attorney, based in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, has published a new blog entry discussing the rising trend of truck accidents caused by driver fatigue. The article itself brings attention to the results presented by studies that show that 10-20% of truck and bus accidents are caused by driver fatigue. The local attorneys specialize in handling these cases, as they have several years of experience helping victims on both ends of such accidents receive the undivided attention and competent legal representation that they deserve.

The newest blog entry on the MN truck crash attorney's blog is titled "Additional Research Is Required To Understand Minimizing Driver Fatigue," and its content explores the lack of attention that this crucial topic has received. According to the Minnesota lawyers, insufficient thought has been put into reducing truck accidents, even though truck accidents make up a significant part of accidents on the road—and despite the number of fatalities and low survival rates that are associated with them.

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Pete Kestner, a spokesperson for Truck Accident Attorney, states, "Our country's truck drivers are being overworked and overextended in their duties. A large number of them are extremely tired during a significant portion of their shifts and, in spite of this, there is still no clear solution in place to minimize this worrisome issue. Considering that, among the 4,000 fatalities that have been caused by buses and crashes, 10-20% are caused by fatigue, we believe that more extensive, thorough research needs to be done in this field in order to find and implement a solution as soon as possible."

As the attorneys state, the only significant policy that is enforced to this day is a limitation that is set on the maximum number of hours that truck drivers can work and drive on the road. On paper, this means that they have enough time to rest and sleep before their next shift starts, though the office notes that this is rarely the case.

Research from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine shows that this regulation does not account for the various sources of stress that truck and bus drivers are faced with. Additionally, they are more vulnerable to sleep deprivation and are also predisposed to develop various chronic health concerns (such as hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health conditions related to obesity). Truck drivers are affected by these factors, and their inability to fully rest and recover before their next shift puts themselves and everyone else on the road at risk.

"The conditions that they are working in and the pressure they are under is not fair for them or the people on the road whose lives are also at risk," states Kestner. "Truck drivers are often pressured to make sure that all deliveries are completed on schedule, no matter what. The profits of these deliveries are not enough to compensate for putting this much pressure on our truck drivers, and we must fight together to make a meaningful change in these conditions."

The Trucking Lawyers reassures the community that they are always available to help truck drivers involved in accidents by professionally representing their cases in court. They state that they work closely with each of their clients and handle their cases personally, studying the circumstances that led to the accident and developing a strategy to defend them in court.

"We give our clients our undivided attention and stellar legal representation, the combination of which is guaranteed to help them in court," says Kestner, adding that the firm's expertise and the resources they have amassed over the years are at their clients’ disposal as well. They invite any parties involved in these accidents to reach out for their help.

The Truck Accident Attorney’s website includes more information on the fields of expertise of the Minnesota truck accident attorneys, as well as other areas that they have extended their services to. This space also includes a contact form where interested parties can reach out to the firm in order to schedule a free consultation to review their case. They can also Check out The Trucking Lawyers News Story to learn more.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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