Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions Announces Crawl Space Encapsulation Special

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Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions LLC, based in Monroe, North Carolina, has announced that they are offering a crawlspace encapsulation special. They are offering a $300 coupon plus a USA vacation bonus for November and December orders. Crawl space encapsulation is offered as a solution to high humidity issues in the crawl space. It’s essential to keep the crawl space dry and clean because up to 40 percent of the household air can flow up from the crawl space. Encapsulation is a common method of controlling moisture in the crawl space.

Carlos Rendon, Owner at Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions LLC, says, “We’re excited to announce a special for customers who place an order for crawl space encapsulation in November and December. You can get a $300 coupon and a US vacation bonus.”

He continues, “The ground in your crawl space contains water, organic materials, soil gases and living organisms like bacteria, mold, and insects. In the encapsulation process, to contain the water vapor coming from the ground, we cover the entire crawlspace floor with a plastic liner, usually a reinforced polyethylene plastic sheet, of varying thicknesses, similar to a swimming pool liner. Properly installed virgin reinforced poly should last 20 years or more in a crawlspace.”

Proper installation of the vapor barrier is vital to the process. The plastic sheet must be able to cover all of the cement and any seams will need to be overlapped and sealed, usually with adhesive caulk or double-sided seal tape. The team from Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions will ensure that there are no gaps through which moisture might be able to go through and get into the crawl space. However, it is essential not to cover the sill plate because this has to be visible for inspections for termite activity.

Moisture problems in the crawl space can lead to a number of problems for the residents of the home. First of all, foul odors can build up under the liners and the vapor barriers. The result is that gases might be able to seep into the crawl space and then into the living space of the home. There could also be mold growth, which can negatively affect the health of the people living in the home, particularly for those who are suffering from allergies and/or asthma.

Furthermore, fungi can feed on the moist wooden structural support for the home. If the proper remedy is not provided, this can lead to the destruction of support beams, joists, and subfloor panels. In turn, this can result into unlevel and sagging floors, and cracked and buckled interior walls.

Sealing the crawl space can help people avoid a number of potential problems. These include the growth of wood rot fungi that can destroy the wooden posts and structural beams; mold and mildew growth; a water soaked fiberglass insulation that decreases its R factor and its insulation properties; a musty smell in the crawl space and basement; increased condensation on air conditioning equipment and ducts; soft or spongy floors; presence of a breeding ground for insects like carpenter ants, termites, roaches, and spiders, which in turn attracts snakes and other pests; presence of sweating interior windows; health problems; and water condensation on pipes.

Crawl space moisture may also come from external sources. It could be that the slope of the yard around the home’s foundation is poorly graded and/or the rain gutters and downspouts are discharging too close to the foundation. It would be best to have it inspected by the professionals from Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions LLC so that the actual problems can be identified and the proper solutions be provided.

Other services offered by the company include basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, mold remediation, and structural repair. When doing basement waterproofing, they will check three areas where water can get into the basement. These are roof runoff, rainwater landscaping, and crawl space or basement water sources.

Those who are interested in the crawl space encapsulation special can visit the Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions LLC or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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Contact Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions:

Carlos Rendon

Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions, LLC
2321 Hargette Rd
Monroe, NC. 28110

(704) 989-8219

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