Savannah Attorney Shares Tips On Handling Defective Product Injuries

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The Brown Firm, a successful law office based in Savannah, Georgia, has published a new blog entry in which they advise their clients of the steps they should take upon suffering an injury due to a defective product. Given the local firm's specialization in injury cases, they are well-informed and qualified to guide the community in this field. They also consider the provision of this legal service a duty that they take great pride in fulfilling. More information on the office is available here:

In their most recent blog entry, titled ‘How To Handle A Defective Product Injury,’ The Brown Firm describes the best course of action for victims to take after an accident of this kind. They note that, based on their experience, their clients are usually at a loss regarding what to do, and can be overwhelmed by the number of issues that they need to handle.

Harry Brown Jr., the managing attorney of The Brown Firm, states, "While it is best to seek professional guidance as soon as possible following an accident, we understand that this may sometimes not be possible. For this reason, we have endeavored to outline the most pressing matters to take care of if you suffer an injury due to a defective product. Acting on these guidelines should give you the best chance of success in the event you were to pursue legal action against the manufacturer of the product that caused your injury. To act promptly is vital in these cases, and we hope that this guide will serve the community if they find themselves in this unfortunate situation."

The company's article outlines the five most pressing matters to tend to, explaining the importance of each and why they should receive more attention than other issues. According to The Brown Firm, the first thing that a victim should tend to, above anything else, is their health. They should immediately seek medical attention before their injuries worsen into a lifelong ailment. Retaining the medical records upon treatment will also prove useful in court, since the opposing party could dispute that the injuries were caused by their defective product if there is a lack of relevant documentation. For the same reason, it is essential to gather and preserve any evidence that proves the correlation between the product and the injury in question. Notably, keeping the product secure and unaltered is often enough to dispute these allegations, and will speed up the legal process significantly.

The legal office notes that it is also important to keep documentation of the healing process after the incident. Maintaining a detailed journal and taking notes of the whole process is the best way to contest any attempt by the insurance company to misrepresent the victim's injuries, a tactic they often use to have the case dismissed. To ensure that this does not happen, the firm advises that their clients avoid posting any pictures to their social media pages, as these can be used against the victim to prove their well-being and dismiss their need for financial compensation. The full article published by The Brown Firm is available here:

Given the complexity of this process and the number of factors working against the victim, the firm states that an individual’s best course of action is always to seek out professional help as soon as possible. The Brown Firm has many years of experience in the field, having helped thousands of victims represent their cases in court and receive compensation for their injuries. They have many success stories that serve to illustrate the value of their services, a few of which they proudly showcase on their website.

One of their most recent testimonials narrates the case of Robert V., who shares, "I was treated with the best care and concern, so much better than I ever would have expected. I have already recommended The Brown Firm to several people and will continue to do so. Adam Saxe was very professional, and I would like to especially thank him for treating me so well. Adam even called to check on me when I was sick, which meant so much to me. Thank you all!"

The firm's website includes more information on the legal representation services that The Brown Firm - Savannah provides. Interested parties may contact Harry Brown Jr. of The Brown Firm to make any further inquiries. Read more about the firm here:

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