Intriguing Photo Shows Boy Fishing With A Friend He Recently Lost

October 07, 2019
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While fishing, Michael, a five year old boy from Michigan, was having a normal day of doing what he loves. His dad, Jimmy Ryan, was watching home from a distance and doing what all dads love doing, taking photos of his son while fishing.

When he was done, he started admiring the photos his son will one day show his children and its when Ryan’s cousin noticed something rather peculiar.

“It appears my 5 year old son had someone else fishing with him over the weekend. I didn’t notice the light formation or that it was in the shape of someone fishing until my cousin pointed it out. I was simply just admiring his dedication so I snapped a couple of pics,” said Jimmy Ryan.

Michael, 5, Fshing with his buddy, Jaxson

Michael had recently lost his best friend, Jaxson, the friend they would have been fishing together on that day. According to the dad, the photo was showing a reflection that appeared as if someone else was fishing with Michael.

“My son just lost one of his best little buddies a few weeks ago named Jaxson who was only 8 years old,” added Ryan.

When the dad showed the photo to his son, his response is what caught his attention, “and when I showed him the picture he said, ‘oh that’s just Jaxson fishing with me.’”

The picture and the story behind it have since gone viral and there are many parents appreciating the fact that the kid still remembers his friend.

People sharing the photo had a lot of amazing things to say to say about Michael, his buddy Jaxson and the photo, and one particular user encouraged the dad to print the photo and frame it, “This is so beautiful. I truly believe with all my heart and soul that spirits visit us. Your son was so blessed to have that moment with his best friend. Please print this picture, (frame it) and save it for him.”

"It’s now easier to believe that someone is always watching over the people they leave behind. Quite inspiring," said Jack Lombardi, CEO, Chicago Website Design SEO Company.

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