Mike Marko Publishes New Review For Zurvita

September 17, 2019
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Mike Marko, CEO of the distinguished marketing firm IM Consultant Services, has published a new article reviewing the business opportunity that Zurvita presents. Marko is a highly successful individual who, despite personally excelling in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), maintains several initiatives that seek to help other entrepreneurs find success in their business affairs. The purpose of his blog reviews is to shed light on the viability of business opportunities offered by a diverse variety of companies, providing a piece of much-needed expert advice.

On this occasion, Marko reviews Zurvita, a multi-level marketing company that focuses on the health and wellness industry. The company has gained prominence and fame over the past few years. As it tends to happen with such companies, their popularity has attracted doubt and distrust from certain groups who dispute the business opportunities offered. Several discussions have sparked on various forums, where members discuss the viability of these opportunities and whether or not it is worth it to try and make a profit with companies like Zurvita.

In light of this, Marko decided to step in and provide a non-biased opinion of this company, discussing each aspect that distinguishes Zurvita from their peers. Additionally, he has also reviewed their products, as this represents a core part of their business model and is something that the company's partners will have to deal with daily.

As Marko notes, Zurvita has mostly maintained the same goals and principles since their founding in 2008: They seek to build a community in which like-minded individuals can work together and achieve their desire for personal growth. Their environment promises to be one in which individuals can find success at any level, regardless of their time at the company or initial investment. Nowadays, despite being based in Houston, Texas, Zurvita has expanded throughout the entire country and has partners in every state. They are also expanding swiftly in other countries.

The company sells nutritional supplements, with a broad array of products to choose from as they possess one of the most comprehensive catalogs for companies in this industry. Their products are separated into three categories, varying according to the needs of the consumer. They range from energy-boosting supplements to body-building proteins and weight management supplements. Marko states that these products accomplish what they advertise, as they possess several positive customer reviews for each one of their products.

Knowing that their products are reliable, Marko proceeds with the most relevant part of his Zurvita review, which is the business opportunity that they offer. He states that, like any other network marketing company, they offer revenue to their partners based on the product that they manage to sell. Each of their partner's income will depend on their efforts, the sales secured, and the status that they possess within the company. While this means that there are several opportunities for growth, Marko notes that poor recruitment techniques are one of the most common factors for failure in the business, though it depends on the strategies used.

The commissions earned from the sales secured by Zurvita partners varies from 15 to 25%, depending on which of the three levels they inhabit within the company. Additionally, for each new person that they recruit, a partner will receive a 20% commission on the purchase of their starter pack, and will be compensated depending on the sales volume that their 'team' achieves.

Having commented on these fundamental parts of the business opportunities offered by Zurvita, Marko continues, "During my research, I found that there were more people who found success with this business opportunity than there were people attempting to disprove their legitimacy. Their fundamentals are similar to those of other network marketing companies, and I have not found any reason myself to doubt their legitimacy."

Marko observes that, while the Zurvita partner program does offer opportunities for success, their partners often do not employ effective tactics to promote their business. He encourages interested parties to make effective use of the techniques mentioned in his post, which are proven to work on business models of this nature.

Marko's blog includes more information on the Zurvita Products, as well as his conclusion and breakdown on the best ways to get started in this business. More information can be found on his website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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