Mike Marko Publishes Post Titled “How to Market Your Product on Instagram”

September 16, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of his new post on “how to market your product on Instagram”. He says that this article is intended for business owners who find a hard time in getting the right strategy on Instagram in spite of their efforts. Furthermore, this post is also for them so they can effectively market their product on this platform.

According to Marko, business owners should realize that it’s the best way to advertise on Instagram mainly because of its social position today. This social media platform is a much-loved photo-sharing app with a community of more than 2 billion users and still counting. With its 400 million daily users, Marko says it is no wonder that Instagram is the among the best social media platforms for marketing today. Marko also mentions that it is particularly effective for campaigns that seek to promote products.

Marko goes on to say that gaining Instagram followers for business is usually dependent on the business sharing images that promote it. He asserts that people love to see great photos of a lot of things, like beautiful places that they love to go, personalities that they adore, and even different things that people use every day. Marko says that these are the reasons Instagram is so popular with people nowadays and so good as a marketing channel.

The first tip that Marko discusses with his readers is to build a community around their brands. He says that businesses can start communities of their fans and customers on social media by networking and connecting with their audiences. Once they have the makings of that community, they can simply keep building on it to further improve their reach on the platform. He tells business owners that they can begin by encouraging customers to check out and follow the business’s Instagram account.

He goes on to say that if they don’t have any followers yet, the best thing that they can do is to use audience-specific hashtags to get attention for their posts. Hashtags are a great way to make their products show up in relevant search results and thus help them get noticed. Marko urges business owners to use hashtags to reach potential customers who might have an interest in their products/services.

Marko goes on to talk about using hashtags to easily get new followers who might be interested in the business’s products or services. He says that a good way to do it is by using hashtags that describe both the photos and business, as well as hashtags that are frequently searched for by the business’s target customers on Instagram. In addition to that, Marko suggests using free online services intended for this, such as Iconosquare and Websta.

Marko explains that Iconosquare and Websta provide lists of hashtags that business owners can use for their posts. They do this by providing business owners with information on the most-searched hashtags in their niche or industry. Marko suggests that once marketers know the most-searched hashtags, they should get the top 10 to 20 hashtags and use them for their Instagram content. He tells his readers to keep a list of them so that they can refer to that list whenever they need to post.

Another tip that Marko discusses is choosing the right filters for photos since they affect the quality of images on posts. Photos with certain filters can be more attractive than others to an audience, depending on the sort of followers the business has. So, Marko suggests trying various filters on photos and observing which ones get the most positive comments and likes from followers.

The next strategy that Marko discusses to effectively market products on Instagram is to post photos during peak hours. He urges website marketers to post photos at the times when most Instagram users are active. To do this successfully, business owners are advised to use Iconosquare to provide them with an optimization information report. Marko states that this report notes the best hours for marketers to post updates based on the history of engagement in their audience.

One more tip from Marko is to reach out to competitors’ followers to find people who might be interested in similar products/services. He further suggests that once marketers find them, they should make an effort to connect with them. But if they find it hard to look for competitors’ followers, Marko suggests using the JustUnfollow website, which allows website owners to search for their competitors’ accounts and provide a list of their Instagram followers.

After evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram as a tool for business advertising, Marko mentions that it can help improve a business’s visibility in its niche, improving engagement rates, and a business’s ability to connect with its target audience. But Marko suggests not to depend solely on it and to maintain a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that also takes into account the other social networks.

Those who need the help of an expert on how to market a product on Instagram can contact Mike Marko or IM Consultant Services. Marko has a lot of experience in running product campaigns on Instagram, as well as on other social media platforms. Marko and his staff also offer consultations to those seeking their assistance in online business marketing. He mentions that anyone who wants more information about his services can visit him at IM Consultant Services website, email him, or call him directly by phone.

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