Mandich Property Group Shares Pros And Cons Of Real Estate Companies That Buy Houses

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Marietta, Georgia -

Mandich Property Group, a real estate consultant based in Atlanta, Georgia, is pleased to announce that they have published a new blog post that takes a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a real estate company that purchases houses. Mandich Property Group purchases homes directly from the owners, cutting out the need for agents and middlemen.

Jennifer Mandich, a representative for the company, says, “If you want a house sold quick, there is no better option for you than Mandich Property Group. But like everything else in life, there are also downsides to selling a house to us. We respect our clients and the community that we serve in, and we don’t want to publish false information. This is why we’ve now published a blog post that details all the benefits and drawbacks of selling your house to a real estate company like us.”

Mandich continues, “We are still the easier option, however. Anyone who has sold a house will tell you that the process is not easy. There’s so much to do, such as making sure everything is pristine and well-maintained, ensuring it’s all clean with not a single thing out of place, after which you need to find an agent, and so on. If you are selling to us, however, you don’t need to worry about any of that. We will buy your property as is and on your timeline. The downside however, is that while we do our best to offer a price that is fair, it will be below market price because we’ll be taking a risk purchasing a home as-is.”

Mandich’s summary is apt. As the blog post mentions, two of the biggest advantages of selling to a real estate company is the fact that it is quick and payment is generally flexible. Those trying to sell their house to a real estate company have no need to need to worry about long, drawn out processes. They can be confident that the sale will be done quickly. In addition, due to the fact that real estate companies more often than not pay entirely in cash, there is a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to payment options. The seller also does not need to worry about any additional charges.

However, there is still the fact that selling to a real estate company means that the property will be sold below market value. When someone invests in a property as-is, there is a certain risk attached to it, which is one reason for the lower price. There is also the fact that investors usually pay closing costs and, on top of this, need to expend funds for repairs, holding costs, and back taxes. More information on the subject can also be found at the following link: Local Company Buys Houses Cash.

“We do our absolute best to offer a fair price,” Mandich emphasizes. “We take into account all the relevant factors when we are figuring out a price, but we also ensure that we keep the seller in mind and try to pay a reasonable price. We want to purchase your house, yes, but ultimately, we’re just trying to make everything easy for everyone. If it turns out that your best option isn’t to sell to us, we’ll let you know and offer alternatives. Mandich Property Group does their best to put the community first.”

Mandich’s statement about putting their community first is backed up by their customer reviews. Jeremy P. says, “I inherited a house that I didn’t want and had been looking to sell it for a while. The house wasn’t exactly in top condition and I didn’t really want to put much effort into it. That’s when I first came across Mandich Property Group. When I got in touch with them, they sent a team to check the place out and it wasn’t even a week before I had a nice deal finalized. They actually paid more than I expected, considering the state of the house. Highly recommended for anyone looking to sell their house quickly.”

Those looking to sell their house immediately may contact Mandich Property Group via a form on their website. Those who wish to learn more about the company can find the necessary information on the same website. Additionally, Mandich Property Group also maintains a Facebook page where they post updates and interact with their community.

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