Data Recovery Services Firm Gets Four Five-Star Reviews In One Week

August 06, 2019
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Hard Drive Recovery Group, a firm based in Irvine, California, that offers RAID data recovery services among other data recovery services, has announced with pride that they have received 4 five-star reviews in the past week. Maureen Davis, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group, wants to point out that so far, they have received mostly five star reviews such that they have an overall rating of 5.0.

In one of the four five-star reviews they received during the past week, David W. said, “Found HDRG after searching for data recovery services near me, and was shocked at how close they were! A quick drive on the I-5 and I was able to quickly drop off the damaged hard drive with real experts. Service was fast, pricing was excellent! You can't go wrong with this data recovery service!”

Maureen Davis says, “Hard Drive Recovery Group specializes in laptops, Mac products and RAID server hard drive repairs and recoveries. Naturally, external hard drive recoveries are a major part of our overall sales, owing mainly to the volatility of those particular hard disks. And the desktop hard drive remains a staple of our business, as they are both the longest lasting drives, and the most likely to fail catastrophically.”

The data recovery services company has also been publishing blog posts and issuing press releases to provide important information to people regarding hard drive recovery. For example, in one of their recent releases, they announced that they have recently published two blog posts. One post provided tips for troubleshooting external hard drives while the other post discussed the latest hard drive reliability report from cloud backup provider BackBlaze.

An important service offered by the company is RAID recovery. This is one of the most difficult types of hard drive recovery. And while there are many RAID repair software available in the market, they are usually ineffective, particularly for those cases where there is hardware failure.

When there is a failed RAID, it is rare for the problem to be caused by a single hard drive failure. If it was just a single RAID hard drive failure, the RAID controller would usually be able to repair the overall RAID array with minor intervention. Thus, when there is a RAID failure, it is often because several drives have failed or the RAID controller itself has ceased to function properly. RAID data recovery is very difficult because care must not only be taken to extract the data from the RAID drive for recovery but also to rebuild the RAID array safely, and without data loss on the other drives in the array.

Meanwhile, in another one of the five-star reviews Hard Drive Recovery Group received during the past week, Marilyn K. said, “This company offered basically everything I needed when it comes to data recovery services. The engineers, particularly Lou, were amazing in general, and kept me well informed throughout the process. Call them when you need hard drive data recovery!”

And from an individual who found that her MacBook drive had failed, Nonna R. said, “My MacBook freaked out and my computer guy recommended these guys once he saw that my drive was dead. I've never dealt with a data recovery service before, but these guys were just very professional. Never did I feel like they were talking down to me, either, which when it comes to technical stuff, is right up my alley. I would trust Mike and Hard Drive Recovery Group with any data recovery!”

And the fourth five-star review they received the past week was from William M., who said, “Found Hard Drive Recovery Group after calling around and hearing nothing but absolutely ridiculous price ranges to recover a hard drive. This is definitely one of the most affordable ones out there, believe me. They delivered as promised, I am satisfied.”

People who would like to know more about the company's services, such as data recovery, may want to visit their website or contact them by telephone or via email. Their site provides complete information regarding the various services offered and customers can even get a free quote.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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