Backyard Bug Patrol Launches Mosquito Control Service In Gambrills Maryland

July 11, 2019
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Backyard Bug Patrol has announced that they have recently launched their mosquito and tick control service in Gambrills, Maryland, and surrounding areas. The company has developed a reputation of being a leader in mosquito control and eradication. Their services are for those who want to avoid those annoying mosquitoes buzzing and biting, without the use of Deet laced mosquito repellent. Those who are interested in their location in Gambrills can visit their Google Maps page at

“We can take back your yard and we can help protect your family and pets from these pests. With the purchase of one of our packages, our licensed applicator will come to your home and barrier spray your yard,” says Patrick Durkin, a spokesperson for Backyard Bug Patrol Gambrills. He continues, “Our programs not only knock mosquitoes dead on contact but our backpack sprayers get deep into the foliage in your yard and coat leaves, bushes and grass leaving a protective barrier that repels these pests. With regular backyard sprays you can control mosquitoes.”

They want to point out that mosquitoes have been responsible for more human deaths than any other living creature. These tiny insects have caused more a million deaths every year, worldwide. In the United States, mosquitoes cause heart worm in dogs, West Nile Virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, including a few cases of dengue fever and malaria.

The female mosquito sucks blood from its victims because it needs the blood protein for the development of its eggs. They don’t actually eat the blood. Instead, they feed on the glucose found in plants. That is why that they are often found under leaves and other foliage while they are feeding on plant glucose. That is where Backyard Bug Patrol team members use their backpack sprayers. The mosquitoes get killed on contact with the sprayed liquid and this liquid will also serve as an invisible barrier coating the leaves and foliage of the plants in the yard. For homeowners, it may help if they get rid of any standing water in their yard or home.

The company publishes news and announcements via their media room which can be found at

Ticks prefer to stay on the tips of shrubs and bushes as they wait for a mammal to pass by so that they can catch a ride and have their meal from the blood of the mammal. While these are tiny creatures like the mosquito, they are also potential carriers of disease that can severely affect the health of people who get bitten by them. For instance, ticks have been known to transmit the bacteria that cause Lyme disease.

The professional team members from Backyard Bug Patrol barrier spray the yard of clients with a tick killing solution, eradicating the ticks and leaving a protective barrier that repels them. In conjunction with the spray, they also offer Tick Tunnels, which are biodegradable tubes filled with cotton balls that have been treated with the tick killing solution. The licensed technician from Backyard Bug Patrol will then put the Tick Tunnels in strategic locations where mice and rodents often go to. What would happen is that the mice or rodents will find the cotton balls and bring them back to their nests, where the solution will kill any ticks found there.

They want to point out that even though the deer tick is known for spreading the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, it is not only the deer that can carry those ticks. Other animals, including birds and squirrels, may also carry the deer tick. It should be noted that the tick killing solution used by Backyard Bug Patrol is not harmful to rodents and other animals. While the rodents may carry the solution soaked cotton balls, they will not be harmed by the solution.

Those who need more information about their mosquito control and tick control services in Gambrill can visit their website at, or contact them by phone or by email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Backyard Bug Patrol Gambrills:

Backyard Bug Patrol of Gambrills, Maryland ensures that children don't get Lyme Disease in their own backyard. We take pride in delivering the best possible customer service in the tick & mosquito control industry.

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Backyard Bug Patrol
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