MeetPositives Weighs The Risks Of Overly Liberal Sexual Behavior

July 01, 2019
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Facebook Twitter Google Digg Reddit LinkedIn Email, a dating site for people living with STDs, recently published a new blog entry discussing the consequences of engaging in unhealthily liberal sexual behavior. The article, titled Severe Consequences of Liberal Sexual Behavior, is available online for all those who wish to read it in full.

The company explains that healthy sexual behavior is often underestimated and disregarded due to a lack of knowledge regarding the consequences that can arise from unsafe sexual relationship. In effect, many do not realize just how much their lives could be affected by these consequences. "Having an active sexual life is fine as long as you, and your partners, take care of yourselves properly,” explains Jack Lombardi, CEO of MeetPositives. "A sexual encounter ought to involve not only physical enjoyment, but also a social as well as a moral duty. The absence of duty for one’s sex-related behavior can result in unforeseen effects, such as undesirable pregnancy. Participating in vulnerable sex can likewise reveal both sex-related partners to venereal diseases. This is something that should not be taken lightly, though many do not think much of this."

MeetPositives notes that individuals often evaluate each other simply by their looks, without realizing that even the most healthy looking individuals can be afflicted with an STD. Only a few STDs create outward signs that are physically noticeable, and people should not rely on a prospective partner’s appearance alone to conclude whether sexual activity is safe. Many sexually transmitted diseases are also asymptomatic infections (they show no symptoms), creating a dangerous situation where individuals could be spreading the disease without realizing they are carriers themselves. In these cases, the only way to determine whether or not an individual is a carrier is for them to take an STD test.

Some of the life-changing diseases that can be sexually transmitted include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Crabs or Pubic Lice, Herpes, Genital Blemishes, Gut Infections, Syphilis, and so on. While most of these are very rare, and only a small percentage of the population is infected with these, individuals that engage in risky sexual behavior have a much higher chance of contracting these diseases. In addition to this, the situation is aggravated by the social prejudices that come from discussing STDs openly. Lombardi points out, "Even though it would not be a solution for cases where the carrier does not know of their infection, discussing this topic can help a great deal."

The company states that one of the biggest issues that contribute to the general underestimation of STDs is the lack of public recognition regarding the dangers of having one of these diseases. "Many do not realize how much this can affect different aspects of their lives. A disease that is not spotted and treated in time can result in lasting or permanent damage to the infected person's body. Furthermore, your sexual life could be permanently affected, as there is no cure for some diseases—and having intercourse with others could infect them as well."

However, these risks do not mean that complete abstinence is the only way to stay free of STDs. Proper communication with sexual partners goes a long way in avoiding STDs, and the practice of secure sex can considerably assist in minimizing the danger of contracting an STD. Furthermore, there are some preventive medicines that one could take to prevent contracting a venereal disease throughout sexual intercourse, as well as various other forms of contraception. Getting tested in time can also help diminish the harmful effects of an STD, and could even help cure the illness altogether in a timely manner.

For those who have already been infected with a sexually transmitted disease, MeetPositives offers a network of support where they can meet other people who have or are going through the same situation. This can prove to be very beneficial to the parties involved, as discussing the topic with other open-minded individuals can help ease some of the concerns and worries that arise shortly after being diagnosed.

For more information on MeetPositives and their campaigns to raise awareness to help prevent the spread of STDs, interested parties may visit the company's website and read their blog space. They may also connect with MeetPositives through their official social media channels, where the company regularly shares updates on their latest news and announcements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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