FTL Continues Expansion Throughout California

June 14, 2019
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Family Title Loans has announced that they are continuing their company expansion throughout California. The company provides financial solutions to California residents who are in a tight financial spot, due to emergencies or simply the high cost of living in the state. The company recently announced an expansion on their news page on Press Advantage.

“California is an expensive state in which to live,” says a representative for Family Title Loans. “Our goal is to help consumers in the state with their financial needs, be it short term needs or something a bit more serious. People in California are actually leaving the state because it has become much too expensive for them to provide for their families. We want to help these consumers to find a solution for their problems.”

FTL offers financial assistance through the use of the consumer’s vehicle title. The company states that they have a number of resources available that California residents can take advantage of in order to help them with financial difficulties.

“We can work with any consumer and help them to determine what they need with regards to funding and offer them solutions to meet those needs,” says the company representative. “We have a program that is sure to fit the financial as well as the budgeting needs of any consumer. We have a great program that enables our customers to refinance title loan California and get the funding that they need for any financial emergency.”

Not only are homes in California more expensive to purchase than virtually any other state in the nation, the cost of other things are high in the state, as well. Food, vehicles, and even insurance can be much higher for those who live in California than for those in other states, particularly states that are less populated. Many Californians have taken to moving just over the state line into Nevada and other states in an effort to lower their cost of living and have money left over at the end of the week.

FNL states that it is a sad state of affairs when someone has to leave the state that they call home just to survive. The company spokesperson adds, “It is sad that so many people are giving up their homes just because they can’t afford to keep food on the table. Unfortunately, it does not look like this financial dilemma is going to end any time soon, which is why we urge those in need to contact us today so that we can sit down with them and work out a solution to their financial problems.”

Family Title Loans currently has offices in a number of California cities, including Burbank, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Ana, Sacramento, and various smaller towns throughout the state. The company states that they are trying to expand their reach to include all Californians who may be currently facing financial difficulties. In a recent Press Advantage press release, the company stated that they had begun their expansion to include a number of new cities, and they now state that this expansion has grown to include even more areas than before.

The company states that they offer a number of benefits over traditional bank lending and other forms of financial assistance. Their official company website offers more information about the financial assistance that they can provide and the qualifications that consumers should meet when they do apply. The website also offers an online application that can help consumers to quickly and easily get the process started.

FNL states that they truly have a solution for any financial need and that they pay little attention to credit scores. They state that there are qualifications to meet, all of which can be seen on their website. The company spokesperson states that anyone, even those with less than stellar credit, can contact them to learn more about the solutions that they offer. Contact can be made through the website or directly by phone or email or on their website at https://familytitleloans.org

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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