Dependable Homebuyers Is Buying Distressed Houses From Homeowners In Maryland

May 10, 2019
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Owners of distressed houses have a tough time trying to sell their residential properties in Maryland. Distressed houses are not the most desirable properties. They do not generate enough interest among buyers. The real estate market, especially the residential sector, is driven by the preferences of buyers. The buyers determine everything from popularity of a neighborhood to the exact market conditions that will influence the ask price. Sellers have very little leverage. Dependable Homebuyers has a solution for owners of distressed houses. They are buying such properties directly from owners in Maryland.

Distressed houses need a lot of work before they are deemed presentable. A house must be perceived as perfect for an ordinary buyer to be convinced to invest in it. Ordinary buyers are looking for a dream home. They want the type of house including the layout and floor plans to be suitable for them. They focus on everything from the architecture to the fixtures installed, the quality of the paint to the condition of all components of the property. They are not only focused on the structural attributes of a house but also the aesthetic elements. It is truly hard for an owner to impress a buyer. There are other houses in the area that may be better. A distressed house requires a hefty investment to be deemed presentable and subsequently livable from the perspective of buyers.

Transforming a distressed house can cost thousands of dollars. Minor repairs are almost always necessary. Some renovations may be necessary to make the house more desirable. There could be several stages of home improvement or accentuation. Owners often spend thousands on new paint, landscaping, upgraded windows and other improvements. These contribute to staging the property, which also costs a bit of money. Owners need to hire staging experts to prepare the house for an open viewing and to have quality images and videos to be used by realtors for marketing purposes. These expenses are almost inevitable if a distressed property has to be sold in the open market to an ordinary buyer.

Dependable Homebuyers has a completely distinct take on distressed properties. There is no need to stage the house. Repairs and renovations are unnecessary. The We Buy Houses company in Maryland is interested in properties in every condition. They assess the fair value of distressed houses and make a cash offer. The cash offer is always fair based on the market conditions and the strengths & weaknesses of the property. This is a nonobligatory offer and owners are not committing to spend any money in the process. Dependable Homebuyers does not levy any service fee. There is no commission. Even the closing cost is paid for by them. Read the recent press release they published at

Owners of distressed houses in Maryland can get a cash offer in twenty four hours from the inspection and can sell their properties in seven days if they accept the proposal. There is no other way a distressed property can be sold that quick and certainly not without spending thousands of dollars on various improvements.

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