Flippers can Sell Houses in Any Condition in Maryland to Dependable Homebuyers

May 08, 2019
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Flippers often encounter troubles with the houses they acquire and might not be able to complete the projects for a plethora of reasons. There can be financial challenges. The costs could spiral due to expected circumstances. The whole project may become unfeasible and flippers may be in over their head with the investment. The investment can turn into a liability and there may not be any worthwhile solution available. Dependable Homebuyers has just announced that it is interesting in acquiring residential properties from flippers.

The We Buy Houses company has been buying residential properties directly from owners since its inception. The company has a history of acquiring houses in every state imaginable. The condition of a house does not deter a sale. The same proposition is now available for flippers. It is possible for flippers to sell their projects at various stages of repair or renovation. A house can be sold mid-project for a fair price. Dependable Homebuyers would have cash offers for such mid-project homes owned by flippers in Maryland.

Just as homeowners may have to sell for a variety of reasons, flippers may not be able to complete the projects they undertake due to different factors. A project may become financially unviable if there is much more that needs to be done compared to what was initially anticipated. It is not uncommon for flippers to run out of funds due to some pressing obligations. This can lead to an unexpected dead end and the property cannot be sold to a buyer till it is fully restored. Lack of funds can disrupt any plan and may even jeopardize the entire project. The only possible way out for a flipper is to dispose of the property for a fair value so the investment can be recovered.

The proposition of Dependable Homebuyers has several ramifications for flippers. First, it enables flippers to actually explore a solution that does not cause any net loss to them. Second, it establishes the possibility of liquidating the asset in a fair manner. Third, flippers can sell the houses immediately. There is no need to list the property. No realtor is involved in the process. There are no commissions to pay or closing costs to bear. It is a straight sale to the company. Dependable Homebuyers are professional buyers and investors in residential real estate. The real estate experts at the company inspect the property and assess the condition. The job site could be a mess, the original property may have been reduced to studs or there can be serious structural problems that are yet to be fixed. There will be a cash offer and flippers can decide if they want to sell the houses mid project. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website.

Evan Roberts, who is the founder and owner of the company, has said that they can have a cash offer available for flippers in as little as twenty four hours. His company can close the deal whenever the flipper wants. They have funds to complete the sale in as few as seven days. Read the recent press release they published at https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/26838-dependable-homebuyers-is-buying-flooded-columbia-md-homes.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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