The Gift Of Scent Hosts Sale For Mothers Day To Give Mom The Perfect Gift

April 18, 2019
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The Gift of Scent is happy to help their loyal customers give their moms the perfect gift this coming Mother’s Day. The fragrance company provides a vast array of candles, scent diffusers, wax warmers, and personal care items that make perfect gifts for anyone.

With Mother’s Day coming up, however, it’s important for shoppers to pick out a gift that the mothers in their lives will love. The quantity and diversity of the gift options that The Gift of Scent offers ensures that they stock candles and diffusers that are perfect for the interior of any home or office, with hundreds of scents to choose from.

The fragrance company offers gift sets that contain a variety of merchandise for those who can’t choose one item out of the deozens of products that The Gift of Scent stocks. Two of their most popular choices include the ‘Car and Travel Energy Gift Set’ and the ‘Car and Travel Rejuvenation Gift Set.’ These sets come with various air fresheners, as well as an electronic car fragrancer that comes with a pack of ten refills. Although the two sets come with differently fragranced air fresheners, they both contain ‘Alertness A-Go-Go’ and ‘Rejuvenation Station’ scented refills for the car fragrancer. These sets will ensure that mothers across the country can stay attentive and relaxed as they travel.

Among the newest additions to The Gift of Scent’s product line are their essential oils. Essential oils aren’t what people generally think of when they need to give mom the perfect gift, but they should be. The company recently released two new collections of the essential oils, asserting that all the oils are 100% pure. This means that they are still in their natural state and have not been altered or diluted by any other liquids, fragrances, or chemicals, allowing the buyer to benefit from a stronger scent and improved health properties.

Essential oils can be extracted from a variety of trees, tubers, plants, and flowers and are commonly produced by using pressurized steam in a process called distillation. Depending on which scent is desired, distillation can be used to extract essential oils from plant or tree bark, roots, leaves, or stems. Essential oils are extremely popular because they allow the user to enjoy the fragrance of a certain plant, as well as take advantage of certain health benefits that are believed to be a characteristic of various oils. Any of the essential oils from one of the fragrance company’s new collection will make the perfect gift of scent this Mother’s Day.

Along with essential oils, the company offers hundreds of scent diffusers on their website. They stock many different kinds of diffusers, but they all disperse scented liquids, wax, or oils through various mechanisms. The ultrasonic diffusers release fragrance from scented oils diluted with water by exposing them to high-frequency vibrations. The vibrations convert the mixture into a mist that is dispersed throughout the room. Other diffusers utilize heat that turn oils or liquids into vapors that carry the fragrance.

Certain types of scent diffusers offered by The Gift of Scent can also be used to melt special kinds of wax, as well as no-melt tarts (a wax alternative) and essential oils. Similar to traditional candles, these wax melts release fragrance when heated but they produce no wax waste like candles do. All wax placed in the diffuser will be used and transformed into fragrance. The company has a huge selection of diffusers that use wax melts, as well as the melts themselves. One of their biggest sellers is a product called ‘no-melt tarts,’ which was developed by The Gift of Scent. These wax melts last four times longer than other brands of wax melts, allowing buyers of this product to enjoy the fragrance longer and save money on refills. The wax melts and the diffusers that use them are a great Mother’s Day gift for women who have small children as they have no open flame and can easily be kept out of reach.

For those interested in gifting a diffuser for Mother’s Day, The Gift of Scent’s website has information on the different types of diffusers, the strengths and weaknesses of each type, and the level of maintenance required by each one. The company strongly recommends the ‘Plugables’ brand of diffusers as they are affordable, require no maintenance, come in a variety of designs, and are quite small.

Anyone looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift can browse the Mothers Day Collections on the company’s website. They offer free shipping to both the U.S. and Canada for all orders over $50. Customers may also contact Jeffrey Smith of The Gift of Scent to follow up on any inquiries.

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