Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Offers Advice On Copyright Politics And Copyright Laws

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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a law firm based in Los Angeles, California, which is usually focused on driving under the influence (DUI) laws in California, wants people to know that they can also offer advice on copyright politics and copyright laws in view of the increasing number of copyright lawsuits being filed mostly for use of content available on the Internet.

A spokesperson for Los Angeles DUI Lawyer says, “Such copyright infringement lawsuits show that copyright issues can affect almost everybody in the digital world, from media companies to individual artists and bloggers. We can help people understand the guidelines that can help them in properly sharing content and in avoiding the possibility of trespassing on the rights of content owners and creators”

According to Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, it is vital to know what content are protected by copyright and how to use the fair use exception rule. Thus, it is essential to fully comprehend what “fair use” means. The fair use exception in US copyright law permits the use of copyrighted content even without authorization from the copyright owner "for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching,... scholarship, or research."

Thus, when a person cites a few lines from a particular book when writing a book review, that is generally considered to be fair use. On the other hand, sharing pirated copies of video or music files on the Internet is not fair use. For cases that are in between the two extremes, it is more difficult to make the distinction. Thus, for those who are planning to use third-party content in a manner that may or may not be covered by fair use, it is essential to consult with a copyright lawyer first. For instance, it is important to know the limitations of the fair use exception when using some content from an article like the one about the Clinton political family tree that was published on the New York Times.

It is unfortunate that colleges and universities do not provide the necessary education and training for students regarding copyright infringement and intellectual property (IP), in general. The result is that companies are likely to be employing graduates without the necessary knowledge and training about IP. If their work requires them to use possible copyrighted content, such as when they gather information from the Internet, employers must take the responsibility to provide them with the necessary knowledge and training on IP issues. The expenses for such training would be much smaller compared to defending against a copyright infringement lawsuit.

The copyright law protects various kinds of works, including musical works; literary works; dramatic content; pictorial, graphic and sculptural works; pantomimes and choreographic works; architectural works; derivative works; sound recordings; and audio-visual works.

An important distinction when it comes to copyright law is the difference between the expression of an idea and the “idea” itself. What is protected is the expression of the idea but not the “idea” itself. This is a fundamental distinction as indicated in the Copyright Act of 1976.

For example, a book presents the author’s ideas about a particular scientific theory. The theory is an idea and cannot be copyrighted. It is what the author expressed in the book regarding the said theory that can be copyrighted. Thus, other people can also discuss the same scientific theory and express their own views regarding the theory and they would not be violating the copyright law. A copyright violation would only happen if they take the expressed views of the original author and present them as if they were the ones who thought about it.

Meanwhile, like ideas, facts cannot be copyrighted. However, when a person compiles certain facts, this may become copyrighted material. Such compilations can be copyrighted when the person who created the compilation used some “creative” act in doing so.

Those who want to know more about what content are subject to copyright protection, the fair use exception, and possible defenses when facing a copyright infringement lawsuit can visit the firm's website, or contact them either by phone or via email.

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