My Ethos Spa Offers Premium Laser Hair Removal Services In New Jersey

April 15, 2019
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My Ethos Spa in Summit, New Jersey, has announced that they are providing premium laser hair removal services just in time for warmer weather. The company recently stated that they offer laser hair removal that will safely and effectively remove hair on the legs, underarms and other areas to help clients to get ready for bathing suit season.

Hardik Soni, a representative for the spa, says, “Summer isn’t the only time that we provide these services, but it does become our busiest time as men and women alike want to remove hair on various points on their bodies to get them ready for vacations and spending time outdoors in the sunshine.”

Soni says that laser hair removal is a completely safe method of removing hair from unwanted places, and that this method is much more effective than regular shaving, waxing or other means of hair removal. Laser hair removal works to remove hair from the body for a longer period of time than any other methods, as well.

“Whether someone is born with hairy arms or they are going through hormonal changes that have affected the growth of hair on their bodies, laser hair removal is effective,” says Soni. “Shaving is something that must be done every day for some people. Laser hair removal provides a much longer lasting effect and can be safely used where other methods may cause skin irritation and other issues.”

Those who are interested in learning more about the benefits of laser hair removal can do so on the company’s official website at Soni says that statistically speaking, the average woman spends a total of 72 days shaving their legs over the course of a lifetime. Men shave their faces on average a total of 45 days throughout their lifetime. This is multiple hours spend shaving just for that hair to return and need to be shaven off once again.

Soni adds that shaving, waxing, plucking and other methods have to be repeated at least once per week or stubble begins to grow. This can cause skin irritation, in addition to the nicks and cuts that many experience when shaving.

“People need to understand that there is an easier and much better way to remove hair and to keep that hair off,” says Soni.

Soni states that laser hair removal provides a long term effect for removing hair and leaves the skin much healthier and smoother than shaving and other methods of hair removal. He adds that laser hair removal can be effective for eliminating hair on all points on the body, including the legs, face, eyebrows, bikini lines, underarms, arms, shoulders, back, and anywhere else that hair grows. The spa states that the process takes very little time, particularly compared with how long it takes every week to shave or wax, and states that they are ready to begin booking appointments to help their clients to get sleeker and smoother skin for the upcoming warm weather season.

More information on the benefits of this hair removal method, as well as reviews from some past clients can be seen on the company’s official Facebook page, which can be accessed at Soni states that anyone who is tired of shaving or waxing or who simply wants a smoother and longer lasting removal of hair can contact the company to schedule an appointment.

The company’s website offers more information on the process and what clients should do to prepare for their laser hair removal appointment. Those who are interested can also visit the company online to learn about the other services that they offer and to get contact information to schedule their first appointment. An online form is available for those who wish to schedule their appointment online as opposed to calling. The online form takes only a few minutes to fill out and the client will receive a follow up call confirming their appointment within a day or so.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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