PracticeBloom Fuels Medical Marketing Success With Industry Experience

April 15, 2019
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Clifton, NJ based PracticeBloom is keen to bring their team’s experience in medical marketing to practices of various kinds. Led by Matt Coffy, the company’s CEO, the medical marketing specialists have been driving more traffic to their clients’ online platforms, including websites and social media channels, for nearly ten years.

One of the foremost tools at the company’s disposal is their competence at Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Broadly defined, SEO refers to any activity that helps a target website or page to rise higher in search engine results when specific words or phrases are typed in. This can be done for multiple search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc., and is dependent on a variety of factors. Whatever the method of optimization, however, the objective is usually the same for a health organization: Raise the target website higher in search results so that it is more likely to be clicked on by prospective patients. More clicks means that more people will see the client’s website, which in turn will increase the conversion rate—the number of people who stay on the website and eventually become patients.

With PracticeBloom in their corner, any medical practice would be able to boost their organic reach using SEO, driving an increased, steady flow of traffic to their website. As PracticeBloom notes, “Search Engine Optimization is a science that has continually increased in difficulty over the years. We were born as an SEO company and we're proud to still be at the top of the industry delivering unbeatable results.” More information can be found at the company’s Twitter page:

Any discussion regarding a client’s reach, however, would not be complete without addressing one of the most vital aspects of their online presence: their social media platforms. Just as SEO seeks to draw attention and traffic to a company’s website, a focused social media marketing campaign begins with capturing an audience’s interest before any products or services are even marketed. In fact, PracticeBloom maintains that a properly managed social media channel is necessary even if the medical practice in question is already relying on other, more conventional, forms of drawing patients, such as using ads..

The company states, “A great social media marketing strategy focuses on three areas: ads, community building, and community management,” acknowledging that ads remain a surefire method of generating new business. However, the company adds that, “building a community around your brand is critical to paid Facebook & Instagram campaigns, as a good percentage of people who see your ads are going to click through to your profile pages to see what you're posting and who is interacting with it. Having a strong community is a trust factor that increases the conversion rates of your paid traffic.” Since the company believes in practicing what it preaches and using these tools to ensure its own success in the online arena, an example of this can be found at PracticeBloom’s own Facebook page here:

Notably, a strong online community can be a lucrative long-term investment if properly managed. As many modern customers, clients, and patients prefer to look up a business online before committing to engaging with it, a practice may benefit enormously if their audience naturally advocates its products or services of their own accord. Peer approval is a powerful aide when attracting new patients, and PracticeBloom is adept at handling their clients’ communities. In effect, the company asserts that they are able to monitor a community and quickly respond, “to their questions, comments, and interactions to ensure the community never loses momentum and continues to grow.”

Those interested in augmenting their practice’s online profile may contact Matt Coffy of PracticeBloom and claim their free consultation session with the company. They specialize in the marketing of medical spas, plastic surgery, chiropractic treatments, and spine and orthopaedic surgery. PracticeBloom’s friendly team can be reached via their website or through their many active social media platforms.

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About PracticeBloom:

PracticeBloom is a digital marketing agency specializing in bringing leads and new sales to medical practices. We're specializing in medical spa, plastic surgery, spine & orthopaedic and chiropractic marketing.

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