Chicago Website Design SEO Company Announces New Etsy SEO Services

April 08, 2019
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Jack Lombardi with Chicago Website Design SEO Company in Naperville, Illinois, has announced that his company is now providing SEO services that are specifically designed to increase visibility on Etsy. Lombardi says that anyone using Etsy to sell products needs to understand how important search engine optimization is to drive customers to their Etsy page.

Etsy is a marketplace that has become quite popular in the past few years. The site is designed to offer a place for sellers to showcase their handmade items and currently includes numerous categories with everything ranging from knitting patterns to guidebooks for various business needs.

“Etsy is an amazing marketplace,” says Lombardi. “People have turned their Etsy pages into quite lucrative businesses. Unfortunately, those who do not know how to promote their Etsy pages are missing out on a lot of customers.”

Lombardi says that search engine optimization is important for any online business, whether that business has a personal website or uses a marketplace such as Etsy, eBay or Amazon. He states that SEO can help customers to more easily find the products that they need, giving Etsy sellers a larger customer base from all over the world. has millions of customers,” says Lombardi. “The marketplace is huge, so anyone who wants to sell their goods on Etsy needs to understand that optimizing that seller’s page is critical to getting customers.”

Lombardi says that he and his team have years of experience in SEO and can help Etsy sellers to get more attention to their page, which will ultimately raise their customer base and their revenue. He says that while Etsy itself offers a search function that enables customers to find certain products, sellers can better their chances of getting customers by optimizing their pages and having them found on search engines for the products that they offer.

Lombardi adds that increasing product rankings for Etsy products and pages on Google is the best way for sellers to gain the customer base that they want or need to keep their Etsy business thriving. He states that Google drives more traffic than any other search engine and being listed on the top pages of Google is critical for any online business.

Lombardi says that his search engine optimization for Etsy takes advantage of the massive traffic on Google and can help Etsy sellers to be found easily by customers looking for their products. Search engine optimization has become the best way for any online business to drive more traffic to their websites and Lombardi states that not taking advantage of the benefits of SEO could leave businesses with a much lower customer base than they want.

Lombardi says that Chicago Website Design SEO Company can help Etsy sellers to get better results through a wide range of SEO tactics. He adds that professionally placed SEO takes time to show results, and that the process could take up to six months before sellers begin to see a larger customer base. He states that those who start today however, could be reaping the benefits of professional SEO services in the next few months, as opposed to those who do not enlist SEO assistance and simply stay where they are with regards to their online sales.

Lombardi states that he and his team have the experience and knowledge of SEO to help businesses to grow their customer bases and succeed in online sales. He states that his marketing guide can also now be purchased on Etsy, and that those who have questions can visit him online to learn more about their range of SEO services and the other online business services that they offer. Those interested in learning more about SEO for Etsy or for any website can visit Lombardi on his official website or contact him through his website for more information. Lombardi states that any online business needs SEO services in order to thrive and he states that he has the experience that those businesses need.

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