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The Brown Firm Points Out Possible Insurance Issues In Any Car Accident Case

March 20, 2019
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Recently the Brown Firm, a Georgia based firm of personal injury attorneys, posted a blog about how some insurance issues can impact someone’s car accident case. The blog post pointed out several different areas of concern that may directly affect an accident victim’s settlement or timeliness of that settlement. These areas of concern were listed in the form of 5 key questions.

This blog was written as part of the Brown Firm’s continuing series of blog posts on the most common questions asked by clients about auto accidents. They simply call it their Common Accident Q&A. This series of blogs was written by the firm to help enlighten those who have been previously injured in an auto accident as to the most common questions the firm gets from accident victims.

The law firm’s managing attorney, Harry Brown JR., DC, JD, had this to say about their current blog series. He says, “Although these blogs were written with accident victims in mind, there is also very useful legal information in them that anyone should be aware of. Auto accident injuries are never planned and that’s why it’s a good idea for the general consumer to know and understand what happens if and when they are involved in a car accident.”

In this particular blog article, several key questions are brought to light for accident victims. One of those questions involves identifying who is the at-fault driver in the accident. The Brown firm states this is the single most important aspect of any accident claim. That’s because in Georgia the ‘at-fault’ driver is responsible for covering all medical expenses and damages related to the accident. The firm also recommends hiring a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. That’s because the at-fault party’s insurance company may not see things unfolding during the accident the same way as the victim does.

Another question the blog article brings up is how a person should pay for medical expenses initially since claims take so long to settle. They advise that anyone who has been injured in an accident has their own insurance cover them initially or pay out of pocket until a claim is settled. The law firm also recommends that a person never delay treatment while waiting to settle a claim, this is especially true if that person has serious injuries.

This recent blog article also brought up the fact that the amount of insurance an at-fault driver carries can also impact a settlement. For at-fault drivers that don’t have enough insurance to cover damages and medical expenses, the burden of claim payment may fall back on the injured party’s insurance carrier in the form of their underinsured insurance coverage.

Other topics that were discussed in the article included ‘delays and denials’ with accident claims and ‘why contacting a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident’ is always a prudent course of action.

For those that want to read the full post, it can be accessed directly on their website’s blog page. The article will take someone just a few minutes to read and it will discuss in much more detail the main points of the blog which were covered in this press release. Their website will also inform those interested in the Brown Firm’s other specialty law areas. These include such areas of law as personal injury accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, and work-related injuries. On their website, someone can also fill out a free case evaluation form and read several testimonials from their previous clients. There is also a 24-hour, toll-free contact number posted at the top of the firm’s website.

The Brown firm is not a typical single city law firm. They claim to be a law firm that handles legal matters for the entire state of Georgia. Evidence of that is the fact that they have branches in Savannah, Atlanta, and Athens.

The law firm also provides good legal information in other places besides just on its web page. For more resources from The Brown Firm, one can go to such other places as’s online public library or visit them on their Facebook page at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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