Dependable Homebuyers in Fort Myers Addresses Question: Is ‘We Buy Houses’ A Legitimate Service

April 02, 2019
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Fort Myers, Florida based Dependable Homebuyers Fort Myers is answering the frequently asked question of whether the company is a legitimate service.

When homeowners wish to sell their houses in the United States, they typically believe that they need to find a real estate agent to list the house, make needed renovations such as painting, putting in new flooring, building additions, and improving the landscaping, and regularly vacate the property so interested buyers can tour the home. This process is very costly, repeatedly displaces the family currently living in the home, and often takes months or more for the sale of the house to be finalized.

Fortunately for the residents of Fort Myers, Dependable Homebuyers is a company that allows homeowners to bypass the traditional lengthy, expensive process of selling a house. With many locations across the country, Dependable Homebuyers has gotten the message out to thousands of homeowners that, “we buy houses in Fort Myers and other cities,” and has helped just as many quickly sell unwanted properties.

For those looking to promptly get rid of a house or property, Dependable Homebuyers is willing to purchase houses no matter what condition they are in. This allows for the homeowner to sell their house without shelling out the money for expensive and time consuming renovations and deep cleanings. Once a potential seller contacts Dependable Homebuyers about selling their house, the company will survey the property and provide an offer within 24 hours. From there, the process moves very quickly. The two parties will meet at a reputable title company, and the money for the house will be made available to the seller in as little as two weeks.

Dependable Homebuyers works with sellers to help rid them of unwanted properties as quickly as they can, while also saving them thousands of dollars in potential renovation and cleaning costs. For many people, this process strays so far from the conventional way of buying and selling houses that it seems too good to be true. Dependable Homebuyers is an unconventional company, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a reputable one. The real estate company makes sure that each offer they put on a house is a fair one based on current trends in the Fort Myers real estate market at the time, the amount of renovation and construction work that is needed to be done on the house, and the face-value of the property.

The company’s deviance from traditional real estate norms may seem unusual at first, but for those individuals who find themselves in unique situations, Dependable Homebuyers is often the solution to quickly selling their house. Many people who are dealing with a troublesome financial situation turn to Dependable Homebuyer’s quick and inexpensive process for selling houses in order to avoid foreclosure. Others use the company to get rid of an unwanted property they inherited, or to turn over a house that desperately needs repairs. No matter what the situation is, many people simply cannot afford the time or money that goes into selling a house the traditional way.

“After my grandmother passed, my husband and I were left with what our first realtor called a ‘difficult’ house,” said Dependable Homebuyer client Samantha J. “We were told that we needed to make extensive landscaping and structural renovations that we just couldn’t afford. Because of our busy family and work schedules we didn’t have the time or the money to fix up the house and work with a realtor to get the slow process of selling started. Dependable Homebuyers Fort Myers bought our house three days after we contacted them, and we had the check about two weeks later. They saved us so much time, money, and trouble.”

Individuals who are skeptical of the way Dependable Homebuyers’ buys houses are encouraged to do their research before selling their house to any company. Because scammers often victimize people by posing as an employee of a real business, customers of any type of service, not just in the real estate market, should trust their instincts, visit a company’s physical location when they can, and speak to multiple employees of a business over the phone or in person.

Homeowners in the Fort Myers area who are interested in the services that Dependable Homebuyers offers may visit their website to learn more about the selling process, or contact the company for an offer on their house. They may also visit to read more about the company.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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