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Gen F20 Plus HGH Supplements Role On Aging Discovered

February 07, 2019
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Tennessee-based Leading Edge Health has been a leader in the health supplement industry since 2001, committed to formulating premium natural nutritional supplements shown to help prevent and even eliminate many of the conditions related to aging. One of their most popular products is GenF20 Plus, which was introduced by the company to combat the effects of aging by increasing the body's own production of HGH, or human growth hormone, to restore youthful levels of energy and vitality. This supplement system has not only been formulated though clinical research, but is also recommended by physicians to help patients who want to look and feel younger.

Human growth hormone is a protein that is naturally produced by the pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain) that helps regulate growth during childhood. HGH is not only essential to growth in children, but in adults it can affect energy levels, muscle tone and bone health. Human Growth Hormone is synthetically produced for injections as a prescription medication, meaning that its distribution and use without a prescription is illegal.

The GenF20 Plus supplement system does not contain any actual growth hormone; rather, it encourages the body to naturally produce more of it's own HGH. Because of this, the harmful side-effects and risk associated with HGH injections is eliminated. According to an independent clinical research study by Vedic Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., subjects taking GenF20 Plus showed a 28.57% increase in IGF-1 (the precursor to HGH) compared to subjects taking a placebo. For these reasons, GenF20 Plus is recommended by many doctors and health professionals.

Dr. Anna Lepely, an exercise and nutrition expert with a doctorate in Exercise Biochemistry Research, explains the benefits of using GenF20 Plus: "Until recently there were relatively few scientific ways to increase your HGH levels that were readily available and safe, which is why I was so impressed when I read the clinical study results for GenF20 Plus. The clinical study offers factual evidence that GenF20's formulation promotes measurable increases in your natural levels of HGH, helping to stop and reverse the signs of aging without any unpleasant side-effects."

And according to Dr. Jeff Hill, DPT, MA, CSCS: “I was recently introduced to the GenF20 product and have seen great results with my patients. I am often asked for nutritional product recommendations, and highly recommend this product to my patients/athletes. This product is beneficial for both athletes and patients undergoing rehab to enhance their full rehab potential.”

The GenF20 Plus system consists of two components: supplement pills and an oral spray. The pills, which are taken twice daily, contain a wide variety of specialized ingredients, which combine to stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally secrete more HGH. These pills are also manufactured with an enteric coating to boost the efficacy of the ingredients. The oral spray also contains many herbal ingredients and amino acid compounds, plus the addition of Alpha GPC, all of which form a synergistic formula that bypasses the digestive tract in order to the bloodstream directly.

Not only does GenF20 Plus work to slow the aging process, it also associated with many other positive benefits, including increased muscle mass and bone density, weight loss, elevated mood, improved mental function, and more. The company offers a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee for customers who are not completely satisfied with their results. However, GenF20 Plus continues to be an extremely popular supplement that many users have found to meet or exceed their expectations.

“I have used GenF20 for about a month now and I have more energy and muscle mass and sleep very well now," said Robert Garcia. "...before GenF20 I could barely even sleep 4 hours at night. This product is a blessing! You won me over... just continue to do the great job that you are doing and I will be your customer for life."

"In my 20s, I was a model and commercial actress in TV ads. Everything depended on my looks and ability to be beautiful at all hours and in all conditions," said Liza S. of Appleton, WI. " As I got older, I despaired of ever looking great again, but GenF20 is my secret potion. Conservatively, I'd say I look 10 years younger than my real age now (which I guess I do not have to reveal anymore)!"

The GenF20 Plus website contains a wealth of additional information, including ingredients, testimonials, and frequently asked questions. Further details, including contact information and how to purchase GenF20 Plus, can also be found on their website. Additional information, such as company news and updates, may also be found on their Facebook page at:

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