Malibu Home Protection Pros Brings Their Home Security Systems In Malibu CA

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Malibu Home Protection Pros is a security company that offers home security systems in the Malibu CA area. They supply surveillance systems for homes, with their main focus being on providing, “Superior security equipment, superior installations in Malibu CA,” and, “Picture perfect home security camera systems installations,” to homes in and around Malibu, at, as noted on their website.

Malibu Home Protection Pros offers free home security reviews to determine what may or may not be security risks in a particular home, and establish what kind of security plan might be appropriate for it. “We promote a comprehensive approach to home security,” said Malibu Home Protection Pros. Their security systems offer Interactive Security and video monitoring capabilities.

A mobile app which allows customers to personally monitor their home from anywhere, while they are away from the premises, comes free with the Premium home security plan. The top-rated mobile app allows users to arm their systems without actually having to be in their home. Users are thus offered full control of their home security system from anywhere, at any time. The company further offers free service plan quotes in the Malibu area.

The security system supplier delivers full-colour resolution, adjustable pan/tilt, and night-vision technology in their surveillance systems, and urges potential customers to “Ask the experts at Malibu Protection Pros for your free quote.”

Malibu Home Protection Pros is determined to provide security systems tailored to the needs of a particular piece of property and the family occupying it. With the advanced security systems on offer, and experts on hand to lend their knowledge and experience to creating an effective home security system, Malibu Home Protection Pros urges customers to, “rest assured that intruders will find it harder to get into your property.” Users of Malibu Home Protection Pros’ security systems will be able to set up an intricate network of people or authorities that will be contacted in the event an alarm is triggered. “If a home security system is breached while activated, its alarm should go off while calling the owner's number or local authorities on your configured list,” said the security system provider. The user will have the option of installing a loud siren, or simply having the security system notify whomever the client denotes in case of such an emergency.

Personal security systems, primarily aimed at children, are also on offer. These come in the form of portable devices meant to notify passers by through either flashing lights or loud alarms, that can be activated with the press of a button or by pulling a pin. For clients wishing to monitor the activities of children and their babysitters, there is an option to have a secret camera installed. More details regarding the company’s offerings can be found here:

Malibu Home Protection Pros offers a variety of different surveillance systems which allow users to monitor their children. The wireless security systems, as the name implies, include a camera with no visible wires. The camera can also be moved depending on the user’s needs. The more traditional CCTV, or “closed circuit television system,” is a more affordable wireless security system that continuously transmits images to a monitor or other displays set up for this purpose. This system can be installed by the users themselves, and attracts no monthly tracking fees. The X10 video security system is, according to the company, “king of the cordless video security systems.” The system can run 24 hours a day on both a television and a PC. It includes two color cameras and two low light cameras which can function under lighting conditions that might be less than ideal.

Aside from video surveillance systems, a number of other security devices are also on offer. These include motion sensors, remote controls, command systems, and alarms.

More information regarding Malibu Home Protection Pros’ services and availability can be found at

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Professional & thorough, a home security review from Malibu Home Protection Pros will shed light on security challenges unique to your home & lifestyle. For homes in Malibu CA, we can specify a custom solution to meet your security challenges.

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