Cermaide Cream Popularity On The Rise

February 07, 2019
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New York, NY based Natural Ceramides Cream is pleased to announce that they have expanded their services to address the increased demand for ceramide cream. “The global skin care market is estimated to be around $180BN by 2024, with a younger consumer base looking to delay the signs of aging, as well as shifting towards all natural products in general. Ceramides and ceramide creams are becoming one of the most popular product ranges for both women and men of all ages because they can be used to treat many different skin conditions,” said Linda Sorchly of Natural Ceramides Cream.

Gen X, Y, and Z are fueling demand for more natural and organic products, and even as far back as 2016, 57% of women in the USA said it was important to them to buy all-natural skin-care products. “Since then, we have seen companies innovating new products, as well as developing environmentally friendly products—often using locally sourced ingredients,” said Sorchly.

Natural Ceramides Cream reviews and recommends beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products, and provides health and beauty tips through their website and Facebook channels. Anti-aging products boast some of the strongest demand in the cosmetics and toiletries market and, of these, ceramides and ceramide creams are key building blocks for supple, durable, and healthy skin in any personal care routine. As people age, their waxy lipid levels decline over time or drop in those with certain health conditions. Naturally, products have been developed which allow these waxy lipids to be added back.

Ceramides are the newest trend in skincare treatment and have a variety of benefits. They are waxy lipids that naturally occur within the cell membranes, keeping it firm, and they’re found in the upper layer of human skin. They help skin cells retain moisture and maintain its healthy, plump appearance. When they are at ideal levels, they create a protective barrier against pollutants and bacteria.

Research has proven that by coating the pores with ceramide cream, moisture is trapped within the skin, which in turn aides the re-moisturizing process and protects against additional damage.

Ceramide creams have gained a lot of attention for their ability to help cure and relieve many skin conditions such as eczema (atopic dermatitis), rashes, irritations, and other problems related to dry skin. As the primary active ingredient is a lipid (fat) which is found naturally in the human body, ceramide creams help keep skin from losing moisture.

Ceramides can help replenish the molecules that keep skin firm and keep the outer layer strong against potential invaders. Any application of an effective ceramide cream can repair the barrier that weakens with age. Ceramides can offset the drying effect of harsh cleansers and aggressive exfoliation, and even help correct the dry, flaky skin a person may otherwise experience on a restrictive low-fat diet. Ceramides are often recommended for those taking cholesterol-lowering drugs that lower lipid levels in the outer layer of skin, accelerating the aging process. Sorchly stated that, “While ceramides can repair dry, flaky skin across almost anyone’s body without any side effects, much of the effectiveness depends on how many ceramides are in the product. Some products contain so little ceramide that they are virtually useless.”

Ceramides have been shown to be beneficial for those with eczema and psoriasis as well. Using products with ceramides may improve these conditions, since those with either disorder may have lower levels of ceramides in their skin than would be expected. “Like all skin products, finding the ones which work for you is important, and results may vary from person to person. That is why we stay abreast of new products in the market so that we may help even more people,” said Sorchly.

Prior to 1997, ceramides were only made from animal sources. Since then, plant-based sources of ceramides were identified and, following subsequent research and development, they are now gaining popularity with men and women of all ages thanks to their range of applications.

Natural Ceramides Cream always have something interesting to report about new and innovative products and skin care routines. Their Media Room showcases all their relevant channels and communications.

For more information, please contact Linda Sorchly, Natural Ceramides Cream, New York, NY. Contact can be made via their website contact form or through their Facebook group.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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