Warrenville Home Protection Pros Expands Home Security Systems Services In Warrenville, IL

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Warrenville, Illinois based Warrenville Home Protection Pros is pleased to announce that they are expanding their home security services in the Warrenville area, providing a wider range of security solutions to residential properties, and enabling residents to secure themselves against burglaries and unwanted intrusions.

Warrenville Home Protection Pros is an established company that provides all kinds of wired and wireless security sensors and equipment, ranging from basic burglar alarms to complex wireless surveillance networks. They manage every aspect of the security systems they install, from building secure wireless networks to attaching sensors and cameras, and installing them all over a property or estate.

The company’s website,, offers some detail into the services offered by Warrenville Home Protection Pros. They provide free home security reviews within Warrenville and the surrounding areas, with a comprehensive approach to home security. Their security systems feature interactive security and video monitoring capabilities. Video monitoring is provided day and night, with full-color resolution imagery and and night-vision technology. Quotations for video monitoring systems are also provided free of charge.

The company further offers a home security app that customers can use to monitor their homes from anywhere. The app can be used to arm or disarm a security system remotely, and customers that sign up for a Premium plan can get the security mobile app at no additional cost. Residents of the Warrenville area can visit the company’s office to get their free quotes and security reviews without incurring any obligation.

“Warrenville Home Protection Pros isn't scaring you when our experts give you home burglary statistics,” states the company on their website. “In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Justice releases reports related to residential and commercial property burglaries every year. One scary figure you should remember: home theft occurs every 15 seconds. Leaving your home's security to chance shouldn't be part of your action plan. When it comes to securing your home from burglars, prevention is key.” The company’s premises can be found at

The company advises three must-have security features at any home. The most basic component of any security system is a burglar alarm. It is cost-effective, and can discourage a majority of burglaries when it goes off. It is an absolute essential item for homeowners that want to protect their belongings and loved ones. The next step is to have some form of residential marking, where all valuables are simply marked with an identifying tag or signature. This can be in the form of signage, window stickers, a house number marker, a stamp or engraving on a valuable electronic or antique item, and so on. The latest forensic technologies allow owners to create markings that are only visible under Ultraviolet (UV) light. This helps the police identify stolen goods, thus making recovery easier, while simultaneously making it harder for thieves to pawn off stolen goods on the black market.

Another essential feature of a security system is a network of home security cameras. There are many types of cameras that can be installed, based on the customer’s available budget. They range from simple, inexpensive, webcams, all the way up to night-vision or infrared-enabled cameras that can identify people at night. Advanced security systems can employ digital image processing on the images produced by cameras to detect intruders and set off alarms as needed.

“We have faced many incidents of burglaries at our home in Warrenville, especially when I’ve been away in Chicago on business,” said Mark T., a customer of Warrenville Home Protection Pros. “A few months ago I contacted Warrenville Home Protection Pros and had them set up an alarm and network of security cameras around my home. Now, I can monitor my home remotely and feel at ease when I travel out of town. We have not had any burglaries ever since.”

Those looking to secure their residential properties can contact Warrenville Home Protection Pros by visiting their website or calling them directly. Further information and the latest updates regarding the company can be obtained at their dedicated online press room, located at

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