Rex Tree Pros Expands Tree Service In Rex GA

November 07, 2018
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Rex Tree Pros, a professional arborist tree service provider in Rex, GA, has announced that they have expanded their services in Rex, Georgia. The company now serves homeowners and business owners in Rex and surrounding areas with services that include tree removal, emergency tree service, stump grinding, tree trimming and pruning, lot clearing, debris removal, and storm clean up. More information about their services can be gleaned from their website at

A Rex Tree Pros spokesperson says, "Most of us value trees in our yard or property because they offer important benefits for our environment. They assist in cleaning the air and can also protect the area ensuring that heat is reduced during the warmer summer months. Trees can assist with soil erosion control; thereby, preventing floods during the rainy season. However, there are instances where you will require tree services to have the trees in your home location removed."

The spokesperson explains that trees can get damaged, rot, and even die. When that happens, the rotten parts of the tree are severely weakened and could fall down without any warning. Since people love to linger in the shade of trees, such rotten trees are dangerous. Rotten branches or the whole tree itself may suddenly fall down on people, causing injury or even death. For trees that are close to a house, they could severely damage the property and possibly cause injury to people in the house. Meanwhile, the roots of trees may grow so large and long that they can damage concrete, including the floors and walls of houses. The spokesperson says, "When either of these situations occurs, you will have no option but to hire a Rex tree removal service to remove these risk-causing trees." More information about Rex Tree Pros can be obtained from

The Rex Tree Pros spokesperson warns that some people who love to engage in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects may think that they could undertake the tree cutting or removal themselves. However, the spokesperson warns, "This can be as dangerous as having the detrimental tree on the grounds. Tree cutting is noted as one of the most dangerous types of employment and thousands of accidents, including deaths, occur each year when untrained individuals attempt to work with trees on their property."

In contrast, a qualified and trained arborist has the necessary knowledge and experience regarding different kinds of trees. Thus, they know what to do to safely and effectively remove a particular tree. The spokesperson adds, "Safety is a core element in their training, and their experience in removing trees can be invaluable. If you have a tree on your property that you would like removed or to have pruned back, there are numerous benefits to hiring an arborist."

The Rex Tree Pros spokesperson also wants people to know that an arborist is not only needed for the cutting or removal of trees. Their knowledge can also prove to be invaluable for those who want to plant a tree in their yard or any part of the property because they can advise on what location would be best for a particular tree. Arborists can also offer advice on how to enhance the growth of the root system of an existing but young and growing tree. And for those trees that are diseased, arborists can help in treating them until they are healed.

The Rex Tree Pros spokesperson adds, "Tree trimming and pruning is not as costly as you may imagine it to be. You may feel that it could be more cost-effective and simpler to prune the tree yourself; however, this is not a route you should consider taking as tree pruning and removal are dangerous tasks for inexperienced property owners. It is recommended that you remain on the safer side of things and hire a Rex tree specialist to complete the task. Not only will they get the job done quickly, but it will be done correctly and securely. Contact us for a free quote in the Atlanta area."

An important service that they would also like to emphasize is the emergency tree service. Trees can get damaged by storms, vehicular accidents, strong winds, ice, and more. The company wants to stress that they are always ready for such situations, responding to emergency calls quickly. Thus, property owners may call Rex Tree Pros for emergency tree service in the Clayton County area of Georgia.

Those who need more information about the tree services being provided for Rex and surrounding areas or have some questions regarding trees can visit the company website or their Google Maps page at Or people can visit their office. Business hours are Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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