Coventry Teeth Implants Dentist Offers Free Dental Consultation To New Patients

October 22, 2018
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The dental implants practice at Verum Cosmetic Dentists is considered a centre of excellence for implantology in Coventry. The lead cosmetic dentist, Dr Chetan Mathias, not only performs the implants procedures himself, but he also teaches other dentists on how to place dental implants properly.

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From an aesthetic point of view, implant-supported teeth offer the best solution against the most demanding of standards: They fit harmoniously into the surrounding teeth and not only do they feel like your own teeth, but they also look like your own. Compared to the classic dental bridge, neighbouring teeth do not have to be ground and shaped to support the new teeth for closing the gap of a missing tooth. Healthy tooth enamel does not need to be milled off and thus remains intact.

An important advantage from a dental point of view is that implants offer protection against bone loss. Like natural tooth roots, implants guide the forces generated during chewing evenly into the jawbone. The jawbone is employed like with natural teeth and continues with its vital function. Due to the natural load on the bone, the face retains its profile and natural facial expression. The secure placement of the crown is another advantage of implantology. Crowns can be firmly anchored onto implants. They save patients the disadvantages of conventional dentures, which often cause painful pressure points.

Patients who have lost all teeth find implant-supported dentures much more comfortable than the conventional dentures. In addition, the palate remains free of prosthetic material. This has a positive effect on speech and pronunciation. In addition, the patient regains their natural sense of taste. A good red wine tastes like red wine again and a fillet tastes just like fillet as well.

Implant patients experience enhanced self-confidence and an increased quality in both professional and private life. Implant-supported teeth sit stable and give a secure feeling. Patients can talk freely and are able to eat and enjoy everything like they would with natural teeth.

Investing in the higher cost implant-supported full jaw dentures can be a deterrent for many patients. But this issue should be given a closer look. With good care, implants can last a very long time. If one were to calculate the initial costs and spread those costs over the lifetime of the implant, one will find that the per day cost for the benefit of gaining immensely in the quality of life are not at all high.

Whether implants can help a patient in individual cases can only be determined after detailed consultation and diagnostics by an implants dentist. And to make it easier for patients to find out if they have the prerequisites for getting dental implants, Verum Cosmetic Dentists are offering free initial consultation to new patients visiting the surgery.

The advice that Verum Cosmetic Dentists gives to patients complies with all the professional and ethical requirements that are prescribed by the General Dental Council of UK:

Sue W., a patient who received treatment at Verum Cosmetic Dentists, left the following positive review on Google: “I am over the moon with the final results of my smile. I have gained my confidence back and have an amazing smile. From the minute I met Dr Mathias and his team I felt so at ease and was given all the information I needed at every step. Planning in the treatment was so straight forward and I had reassurance and support at every stage. Such a professional service. Thank you so much!”

Patients interested in getting a free consultation for dental implants or smile makeovers are recommended to visit the following link where they can leave their details for a call back:

Alternatively, interested patients can also call their practice directly and book a free initial appointment.

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Verum Cosmetic Dentists offer advanced dentistry for helping patients get the smile they always wanted! Our practice offers smile makeovers, dental implants, Invisalign and more in a high-tech digital dental surgery that achieves predictable results.

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