Scent Experts Launch Exciting New Plugables® Line of Aroma Diffusers

December 18, 2018
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Scent experts at The Gift of Scent have announced the launch of their new Aroma Diffusers. The company is based in Pflugerville, TX and features a wide array of home fragrancers such as soy candles, ultrasonic diffusers, and wax warmers. They also have products for personal use like soaps, eye masks, and soaks; scents for car and travel use; special holiday fragrancers and scented ornaments; and of course, essential oils and aromas for diffusers. The company's latest product addition is a line of electric aroma diffusers officially called Plugables®.

Aroma diffusers or scent diffusers are basically devices that disperse fragrance into any room or enclosed space. Fragrances usually come from essential oils or scented liquids. There are many different types of diffusers; reed diffusers use wooden sticks such as bamboo or rattan, ultrasonic diffusers use vibration in extracting aromas and disperses it in a very fine mist, nebulizers on the other hand diffuses aroma in vaporized form. Other product diffusers use heat and scented wax in releasing aroma. The new Plugables® from The Gift of Scent also uses heat, but instead of wax, the product warms scented oils. Plugables®, as the name implies, are plugged into any 120V wall socket.

According to the company, one bottle of scented oil inserted into the Plugables® Electric Home Fragrancer can provide long-lasting aroma for over a 30-day period. Maintenance is also very minimal as the device does not require any upkeep nor any special accessories. Jeffrey Smith, a representative of The Gift of Scent, says, “In choosing a new diffuser, people generally look at three things: how powerful it is or how big an area it can cover, how easy it is to operate, and how much maintenance it needs. And we have seen that Plugables® are the best option when it comes to these three criteria.”

In terms of range, Ultrasonics and nebulizers have the biggest maximum range but they require extensive cleaning and maintenance. They are also the most expensive as they use up a lot of essential oils quickly. Reed-type diffusers on the other hand have the smallest coverage in terms of scent dispersal and need constant turn-over of the sticks to maximize its effects. The oil vessels also need periodic cleaning.

While heat type diffusers' area coverage is in the median range, between reeds and ultrasonics and nebulizers, they can be quite messy especially those that typically use wax tarts. Even with devices that use no-melt tarts, maintenance is still necessary for it to perform efficiently. “That is why Plugables are really the best option and offer the highest value for your money. They are strong enough to adequately fill a regular-sized room but do not require nearly as much maintenance as reed-type, ultrasonic, nebulizer, and heat-type alternatives. And a single scented-oil bottle generally lasts for an entire month,” Smith explained. The company says Plugables® have the best strength-to-ease-of-maintenance ratio and provides more savings to customers in the long run.

The new Plugables® are also compact in size and as such are inconspicuous and can be hidden in plain sight. However, customers may opt to show them off as they do come in very presentable designs. The Gift of Scent fragrance oil diffusers come in different styles to suit any discerning customer, such as the Arctic Wolf Premium design, done in tasteful metallic finish; the Fragrance Vase Wax Warmers in Gold and Blue Mosaic; and the Frosted Sandstone complete with copper arrows details as part of the medallion series. Other versions from the medallion series include the Floral Medallion, Serenity, the Fleur Medallion, and the Celtic Knot Medallions. They also come in special editions for different occasions such the Elf Hat Plugables and Glitter Domes lines specially made for the holidays and the Cherry Blossoms Premium for celebrating spring.

The scent experts from Texas offer a lot more than aroma diffusers, like oils and refill aromas. They also carry gift sets just in time for the holiday season. Interested parties are encouraged to visit The Gift of Scent store to check their complete line of products, collections and offerings.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About The Gift of Scent:

The Gift of Scent offers an innovative selection of fragrance products ranging from electric aroma diffusers for home, office or travel, candles, aromatherapy & essential oils, as well as fragrance products for bath, body and more.

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Jeffrey Smith
The Gift of Scent
Pflugerville, TX 78660
888-937-5682 ext 704

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