Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre Conducted Hidden Body Stress Test At Stilettos And Sneakers 2018

October 11, 2018
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Dr. Bob Pike of Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre in Keswick demonstrates how to detect and measure ‘hidden body stress’ at Stilettos and Sneakers 2018.

Stilettos and Sneakers is branded as a women’s lifestyle show. On Saturday, Sept 29th at the Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre booth, the women attending this year’s event at the Georgina Ice Palace had the chance to experience being tested for ‘hidden body stress’ by Dr. Pike using a heat measurement device. They would sit in a chair while Dr. Pike rolled the handheld sensor up the back of their neck to their head.

When asked about the significance of this test, Dr. Pike explained: “We live our lives through our nervous system. This rolling infrared sensor or ‘neurotherm’ is a chiropractic innovation. It measures the heat along the body’s core spinal communication system. Because we experience everything in our lives through this sensitive master operating system, it is not surprising, in today’s world, that our daily stress load can affect our brain state. The neurotherm gives us very accurate information about the area of the mid-brain that controls all of the body’s unconscious organs.

“When our daily stresses accumulate in this all-important system, this hidden body stress can often negatively affect how the human body functions and adapts.

“This hidden body stress is so important to understand that the Chiropractic profession has coined a word for this common alteration in neural efficiency. Sub-lux-ation literally means the state of less light.”

When asked why Subluxation not more widely known, Dr. Pike said, “Unfortunately, for years we have been taught that health is the absence of symptoms like pain and signs of organ dysfunction like acid reflux or allergies.” Dr. Pike continued to explain, “My profession is founded on the premise that the human body is normally self-healing, self-organizing and self-regulating. In other words, health is our body’s natural state. For example, this means that true health can be developed through our daily lifestyle choices. This fact is being proven daily by millions of people with diabetes 2 and those fighting obesity. As people decide to live differently, their bodies are transformed in time through this self-evident natural self-healing tendency into a healthier state.

“I am here today with this technology to remind the people who come to this booth of the power of life expressing through their human body. We have the choice to decrease the hidden stress that builds up in our body’s every day by living well and taking regular chiropractic adjustments or to let stress silently destroy our lives by our unwise habitual behaviors.”

Those interested in learning more about hidden stress test can visit Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre located at Keswick, Ontario. See their Google Maps here: https://goo.gl/maps/pbjWffyr52s. People can also visit their website for information on chiropractic adjustments at https://pikechiropractic.com/.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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