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Tiling Expert Tilers Place Releases Complete Guide To Tile Leveling Systems

September 28, 2018
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Facebook Twitter Google Digg Reddit LinkedIn Email, the tiling expert website is proud to announce the completion of their comprehensive guide to tile leveling systems.

The comprehensive guide covers: The history of Tile Leveling Systems, Why They Are Needed For Modern Tiles, How To Use A Tile Leveling Spacer, Which Tile Leveling Systems are the best.

All these questions are answered alongside a host of interesting facts and opinions from one of the biggest tiling experts in the industry, Carl Anders, who has been tiling for over 25 years in the US and abroad.

The Tilers Place guide comes at a time where tile leveling systems are very popular for all new tile installations but knowledge and buyers guides are scarce, poorly detailed and only creates more questions than they answer.

Carl Anders, the founder and head writer at Tilers Place says, “On every forum or Facebook group, I see tilers asking questions about tile leveling systems only to be ridiculed for even wanting to use such a system or are met with misinformation and bad advice from others that barely understand the tile leveling clips. I looked online for guides and the level of information was limited to what manufacturers were writing in their sales pages. There was a massive knowledge gap and I knew I had to fill it.”

It almost seems hard to believe that in the 10 years that tile leveling clips have been on the market, not one authority created a guide or journal to shed more light on the new tiling invention and educate tile setters on how to use them.

One of the original manufacturers, Raimondi from Italy, only includes a brief tutorial on using the clip on their official website and the same can be said about the other tile clip producers like Spin Doctor and Level Master.

Tile leveling systems allow the user to create perfectly flush and level tile floors without any slumping or ‘lipping,’ and also help straighten bowed tiles during the curing stage.

Despite the lack of knowledge about tile leveling spacers, word about the innovation spread globally over the decade it’s been on sale and new versions of the systems are sprouting up all over to cash in on the new craze.

Carl says, “you know it’s a good idea when someone copies it. You know it’s a game changer when people copy the copies and still manage to sell it. Tile leveling systems allow tilers do things that they have never been able to do with just thinset, it’s changed the way we tile.”

The comprehensive guide allows complete novices and pro tile setters to grasp the concept of tile leveling spacers and it’s universal appeal has already seen positive feedback from the tiling community.

One reader said, “Dude, totally unfair to all the other tile clips reviews out there, you just went and totally blew them out of the water and sent them into outer space! Here I was reading garbage, then I find your review and like holy crap, this guy actually knows what he’s on about!”

Carl Says, “The response has been remarkable. I didn’t expect it to gain much traction and so quickly but I am pleased it did. This guide took a lot of research and personal experience to turn it into a truly educational and helpful resource for anyone needing a new tile leveling system.”

The lack of authoritative knowledge on tile leveling spacers is nothing new in the tiling world as there are many aspects of tiling that are obscure or plagued by misinformation on the internet.

This lack of tiling authority and web of false information was what ultimately lead Carl Anders to start in the first place and comprehensive tiling articles are slowly turning that around.

“I was shocked, and still am, at the amount of false or poorly written guides there are on the internet.” Carl says, “People are putting up half-baked and horribly brief guides on how to do tiling related things and they make me angry. Some poor Joe will be reading these guides and not learning the crucial steps to ensure his tiling work actually succeeds. It’s like leaving the flour out of a bread recipe or replacing the oil plug in a change your own engine oil tutorial. It will only lead to disaster.”

Visit the Tilers place the guide to the Best Tile Leveling Systems to discover the in-depth article on this great tiling innovation. is a tiling tool review and tutorial website featuring the most in-depth and comprehensive information on tiling that can be found anywhere, for free. It is run by a professional tile setter, Carl Anders and is fast becoming an online authority on Tiling.

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