Newly Launched Site Allows Consumers To Search For Chiropractor Near Me

October 09, 2018
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Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced the launch of their new website that will enable consumers to easily find them. The clinic states that their new site includes their official address, directions and a map of their area so that those looking for chiropractic care can easily find them online to schedule an appointment or get more information about the services that they offer.

A representative for the chiropractic clinic says, "People are always asking, 'how can I find a chiropractor near me?' We just wanted to make it a bit easier by providing a website that is easy to navigate and information that is easy to attain for those who need it."

The clinic says that their site contains all of the information that patients would need to schedule an appointment or get more information about their treatment options. The representative says that the site was designed specifically with their patients in mind and provides not only general information about treatment options but information about specific injuries and injury types, as well.

"We want you to have a place where you can find everything that you need regarding chiropractic care in the Atlanta area," says the company spokesperson. "From explanations of treatments and injuries to an outline of who the doctors are and how they can help you, we are sure that we have covered all of the bases for the information that you need."

Chiropractors are medical professionals that adjust the alignment of the spine as a way to help patients to function without pain. When the spine is aligned, nerve signals are transmitted without interference. The clinic says that this is vitally important for optimal health. When the spine is not in proper alignment, it can cause general pain or feelings of illness. The clinic says that chiropractic care is essential, not only for those who have a notable injury or illness, but for anyone who feels that their spine may be out of alignment for one reason or another.

The clinic says that one of the most common reasons for the need for chiropractic care is an automobile accident. They state that many patients have come to them after having been in an auto accident with neck and back pain and that chiropractic treatments have been very successful in helping to eliminate that pain. Soft tissue injuries and whiplash are common after a car accident. The clinic states that they offer treatment for these and other injuries, and those interested can visit them online to learn more.

Dr. Harry W. Brown, D.C., is the founder and an active practicing doctor for the Atlanta based clinic. Dr. Brown is a native of Georgia and graduated from the Logan College of Chiropractic before opening his first clinic in Savannah, Georgia in the late 1970s. The doctor moved back to Atlanta at the end of the 1970s and opening his second clinic in Jonesboro, Georgia. Arrowhead Clinic today has 15 clinics throughout the Southern section of the United States, including offices in Nashville, Tennessee and various locations throughout Georgia. Dr. Brown states that they offer patients a free consultation for all injuries or pain and says that their staff in all locations are caring, compassionate and ready to assist patients in living a pain free life.

Another physician with the clinic, Dr. Turner is a native of North Carolina. Dr. Turner trained under the Chiropractor for the Carolina Panthers while completing her Masters degree in sports rehabilitation. She is certified in various soft tissue techniques, including ART or Active Release Technique and FDM, Fascial Distortion Model, in addition to a movement diagnosis technique that is referred to as Selective Functional Movement Assessment or SFMA.

The clinic states that their new website contains all of the information that a potential patient would need to know if they should schedule an appointment. The staff from the clinic states that those who would like to do so can find contact information for the clinic on the official website, in addition to driving directions and a map so that patients have an easier time finding their way to their appointment. Information on the site is provided that relates to various injuries, treatments and other information about chiropractic medicine that patients may find helpful when scheduling their appointment. Dr. Brown and Dr. Turner encourage all of those with acute or chronic pain to contact the Arrowhead Clinic today to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation where a diagnosis and plan for treatment can be provided.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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