Swiss-Ultimate Serum Adds 'Beautifeye' to Formula to Reduce Sagging of Upper-Eyelid

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Tampa, FL based company, Swiss-Ultimate Labs, has announced their popular Swiss-Ultimate Serum cosmetic treatment will contain a new ingredient, named 'BEAUTIFEYE'. This new addition, developed by Sederma of France, will be added to Swiss-Ultimate's eye serum formula to give consumers an even higher level of anti-aging and smoothness around the sensitive eye area. The new Beautifeye additive is said to be the first of its kind intended to lift the sagging skin of the upper eyelid. According to Sederma, this now offers users a gentle alternative to surgical procedures.

With the addition of the new ingredient, Swiss Ultimate Labs, seen online at, has now further enhanced a proven range of cosmetic treatments which offer non-invasive, surgical-free alternatives toward reducing appearance of wrinkles. The company explains: "Swiss-Ultimate Eye Serum is specially formulated by scientists, for medium to long-term anti-wrinkle benefits. We believe the addition of new Beautifeye from Sederma will further enhance the effectiveness of Swiss-Ultimate Serum - particularly for the sagging upper-eyelid region - an area which many cosmetic treatments ignore."

According to Sederma, for the first time in the cosmetics industry, an active ingredient has demonstrated lifting action on sagging upper eyelids. Beautifeye is intended to protect, strengthen and improve outer skin properties by consolidating the fragile microvascular network and stimulating detoxifying systems. "Beautifeye [INCI name: Glycerin – Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract – Darutoside] reduces capillary leakage and accumulation of glycotoxic pigments - responsible for uneven coloration and fatigue appearance," according to research material made available by Sederma.

As always, Swiss-Ultimate treatments are backed by the company's 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which promises results as promised, or a full-refund. They have stated that they believe so firmly in their treatment they are willing to give customers back all money from their purchase if users do not feel the serum has delivered all it promises. The addition of the new Beautifeye ingredient is intended to lift the top fold of the eyelid, reducing lines and crow's feet.

According to Sederma, the elements in Beautifeye contribute to strengthening skin and tissue around the upper-eyelid to help prevent further wrinkles from appearing. It is also capable of diminishing the purple circles that often form beneath eyes, and the puffy skin that accompanies this condition. Sederma states in their promotional material for Beautifeye, "Clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effects of Beautifeye, on the drooping orbital surface and the fold height, both of which have been reduced respectively by up to 61% and 91% after 2 months of treatment. In addition to this breakthrough action, Beautifeye visibly smoothes crow's-feet wrinkles, decreasing their volume (by up to -34%) and depth (by up to -33%); and fades dark circles, lessening the intensity of red (up to -32%) and blue (up to -30%) coloration."

Swiss-Ultimate Eye Serum can be purchased through the company's sales portal on Amazon . Each order currently comes with a free, FDA-registered Sonic-Infusion 'wrinkle-eraser' wand. The AAA battery-powered wand further aids in the anti-aging process by using ultrasonic vibration along with negative-ion micro-electronic pulses to intensify and deepen penetration of the serum in use. The company also sends a free guide to each user to better explain the use of these products to each consumer. If customers are dissatisfied and decide to take advantage of the 100% money back guarantee, these two additional gifts do not need to be returned.

Swiss Ultimate Labs invites all those interested in learning more about Swiss-Ultimate Serum treatments and Beautifeye to visit their website or online retail outlet to read reviews from actual users on how Swiss-Ultimate Serum is working for others. Customer testimonials and reviews are being added daily and can be viewed on these sites, along with updated information on Beautifeye and other active ingredients that make Swiss Ultimate Serum the success it is swiftly becoming in the USA.

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