Tummy Tucks for Medical Reasons Are Increasingly Common

August 25, 2017
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Miami, Florida - Plastic surgeons in Miami are noticing that more and more patients are coming to them seeking a tummy tuck for medical purposes. While this procedure has traditionally been seen as largely done for cosmetic purposes, physicians are now referring their patients to cosmetic surgeons for tummy tucks.

Some people who lose a lot of weight they are often left with loose, hanging skin around their midsection. Rashes often form underneath this hanging skin and when these rashes cannot be treated with ointment alone, a tummy tuck is necessary to remove the loose skin. In these cases, the tummy tuck could even be covered by insurance.

Alleviating back pain is another reason that more doctors are recommending tummy tucks for their patients. Cosmetic surgery in Miami can help people with back sway, a condition that puts added pressure on one’s back and causes severe back pain. A tummy tuck helps to restore tone to the abdominal muscles, leading to better posture which can eliminate back sway.

Plastic surgeons in Miami find that nearly half of the tummy tucks they are being asked to perform are being done for medical purposes. As more doctors begin to understand the health benefits a tummy tuck could provide to their patients, this percentage is expected to rise.

Those considering cosmetic surgery for medical benefits can reach out to Dr. Ramiro Morales and his staff at The Plastic Surgeon Miami.

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Ramiro Morales Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S., is an experienced and dedicated plastic surgeon in Miami who earned a medical degree with honors from University of South Florida College of Medicine and later completed complete his general and plastic surgery residencies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Upon returning to Florida, Dr. Morales became vice chief of surgery at Memorial Hospital West before later opening his own practice.

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