The Top Dog Deals Launches Welsh Corgi Section In Website

August 08, 2017
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The dog is man's best friend, and this is something that The Top Dog Deals have built on in a way that is different from many other companies. Not only do they provide products for dogs, they also offer products for people, through which they can express their love for a certain breed. Through their social media pages, they regularly take requests from customers to add new breeds to their list of offerings. They have now announced that they have recently added the Welsh Corgi section to their website.

"Dogs are our passion," says a representative from The Top Dog Deals. "We love all dogs, but we know many people have a particular preference for certain breeds. By now, there are so many breeds around that we have come to rely on our clientele to tell us what they would like to see. One client recently mentioned on Twitter that they have a Welsh Corgi, so we immediately got to work on finding products for that adorable breed."

The Welsh Corgi is particularly popular because it is also the breed of dog that the Queen of the United Kingdom has owned for most of her life. It is a friendly, small breed of dog with high intelligence and a very high "cuddle-ability factor". This is reflected in the line of products that the Top Dog Deals has so far been able to find, which includes a no pull harness, a pendant, a phone case, two different car stickers, and a key chain.

Since its launch, The Top Dog Deals has been able to offer products for a large selection of breeds, all of which are listed on their Pinterest site. Currently, they have boards for the Doberman pinscher, the schnauzer, the Australian shepherd, the Siberian husky, the dachshund, the great Dane, the German shepherd, the Labrador retriever, the poodle, the Yorkshire terrier, the English bulldog, the Rottweiler, the French bulldog, and the boxer. They aim to add further categories to this list regularly, with the help of their customers. Furthermore, they also have zones for specific items, such as paw prints and traveler products.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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