GroupSense Executives Attend DEF CON And Black Hat 2017 With A Purpose

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GroupSense, a cyber reconnaissance and cyber threat intelligence company based in Arlington, VA, sends real-time alerts to clients regarding direct threats. Meanwhile, there have been many reports on the hacking of the systems of new cars but not much has been reported on advanced motorcycles. CEO and Founder Kurtis Minder and Head of Client Engagement Brandon Wood decided to highlight the security of motorcycle's computers by riding their BMW bikes to DEF CON and Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

Kurtis Minder says: "Brandon and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to shine a light on the fact that many vehicle systems are at risk. Collaborating with the DEFCON car hacking folks, we intended to put our motorcycles at risk during the conference."

Various authors have written about vehicles getting hacked, and it is something many people are concerned about. Vehicle manufacturers are responding and are looking into ways to improve the safety and security of cars and their computer systems. However, modern motorcycles use the same hardware and software, yet their security has not been addressed at all.

One of the events at DEF CON was the Car Hacking Village,, which provides training to hackers on how to enter vehicle systems in particular. While they have touched on motorcycles in the past, Minder and Wood were hopeful that their efforts of riding their bikes to the event would highlight the issue even more.

"We care deeply about the privacy and security issues affecting not just our customers, but in fact all consumers," adds Kurtis Minder. "Our goal is to raise awareness and forge partnerships with companies like Grimm Solutions to ensure their attention starts to be directed not at the type of vehicle, but rather at the technology in general."

GroupSense offers two key services to its customers. First of all, they offer cyber recon services, where they determine potential threats from stolen data, data breach, bank fraud, executive targeting, and intellectual property trafficking. They also license access to TraceLight which conducts real-time cyber intelligence data collection from millions of sources. Kurtis Minder ends: "Our goal is to keep our customers one step ahead of any threats."

Those interested in knowing more about the services provided by GroupSense may want to visit the company website at

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