New Website Releases Home Drug Testing Tools Report during Launch of Website

May 19, 2017
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A pro home drug testing company, has released a report that advocates for the use of accredited drug testing tools. The report documents the challenges people face after experiencing false positive drug tests-while informing the general public on how home drug tests work.

“Most people don’t know about the drugs and kits used to test drugs in the body. The result creates panics after an unexpected result. However, we want to change this trend. We aim to help parents know the truth about their kids’ drug problems. We are also targeting anyone who feels doubtful about a drug test they are about to have and needs to confirm it with an outside source,” Leon Reingold, the group head says.

In the report published on their new website,, the company notes that the general public has little education about drug tests. The report details a research conducted by different health experts in the country that showed the number of times trusted drug test labs had failed to provide credible results for people. The report also shows the challenges victims of false positive drug tests have experienced in the past.

According to Reingold, the report is important since it educates people on how drug tests are done in the country. It also informs people of an alternative drug testing method, and its effectiveness. Reingold notes that the comparative nature of the report aims to help inform the general public for the similarities and differences between the different drug testing methods in the country. The report also includes information meant to help people know how to carry out home drug tests and how to interpret results.

“Our report is detailed for good reasons. It is educative, and we want to inform people as much as possible about drug tests. The report is particularly focused on teaching people about home drug tests, how they can be done and their effectiveness. This is part of our goal to advocate for the use of safe and reliable drug test methods at home.”

Drugs Tests in bulk publishes the report at the same time of launching their new website - According to the company’s spokesperson, Piers Michael, the website will be an important tool to help them promote their mission of advocating for the use of approved drug testing tools. Piers say that the website will be used both as an information source and a tool to help people find the appropriate tools to help test different drugs.

“We felt it fitting to publish our report while at the same time launching a website. The website will help us reach out to more people as we guide them on home drug testing. The site will also be an important tool to help people find the best tools for testing different drugs at home,” Piers says.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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