Newly Launched Website Urges Startup Businesses to Embrace Internet Marketing

May 19, 2017
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Social Mingle, a pro social media marketing company, is sensitizing startup businesses around the world to embrace online marketing as a formidable marketing strategy. The announcement comes at a time when social media marketing is gaining popularity among online marketers for its effective nature.

According to Ennis Ma, Internet marketing has become inseparable with any form of business promotions in the modern world. Simon says that any startup business that wants to grow at the same pace with established business has the Internet to leverage on.

“Internet marketing is so important among modern businesses that you can’t ignore it no matter how small your business is. Our message to startups therefore is to make efforts and start a working website as soon as they start the business. We are also emphasizing on the need to embrace social media marketing-especially through established media like Facebook,” Ennis says.

According to research done in a New York college, Internet marketing is the most used method of business promotion among small and medium businesses in New York. According to the research however, businesses that use online marketing don’t often have the same level of success. The research notes that businesses that combine the right social media for their business with creative messages often have greater success than businesses with no clear marketing strategies.

Dennis Campbell, the spokesperson from Social Mingle also conquers with researches promoting prudent online marketing strategies. Dennis notes that there are a lot of steps and factors that businesses need to keep in mind before investing their money on any single online method. He cites research and planning as crucial steps that can help startups know the online marketing tactics that will work for their businesses.

“Although we want many startups to embrace online marketing, we also want them to use it prudently. Online marketing is only successful when the business managers can identify their goals and know the right channels to use. We recommend Facebook for many startups because it is very popular and has great impact even for B2B businesses. However, we are also encouraging businesses to build working websites and invest seriously in online marketing,” Ennis Ma says.

With every business looking for greater returns on investments, Social Mingle hopes that their ideas for startups to embrace online marketing will be adopted by as many businesses as possible.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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