Perth’s Dental Clinic Opens Special Needs Section

May 18, 2017
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Facebook Twitter Google Digg Reddit LinkedIn Email, a leading Perth based dental clinic, has announced the completion of a special needs dental office. The new section will be open for dental services to people with different physical or cognitive disorders.

“In the spirit of serving everyone in the society, we want to expand our dental services to reach out to disabled people in the most comfortable methods. We already have qualified dentists to handle special needs people, and we expect to open the special clinic in a week’s time,” Lucy Joseph, the company’s spokesperson said.

Carrilon City Dental Australia Clinic opens the special-needs section barely one after they announced the expansion of their children friendly offices. According to Lucy, their company is at a crucial stage where they aim to include every member of the society by customizing their offices in different ways. Lucy adds that Carrilon City dental clinic prioritizes good customer service over everything else.

In recent months, the Perth based dental clinic has drawn a lot of attention from media houses and health authoritative figures for their all-inclusive services. The presence of both children focused sections and a section for the old are also reasons for the increased growth of the company. According to the group’s chair, Jaden Moore, diversification of services and the partnership with leading Perth dentists are however, the main reasons why the company has been a success.

“We are grateful to have risen in popularity at such a high rate in the last ten months. We owe it all to our dentists, all of whom are highly qualified and great at dealing with customers of different ages and social groups. I also feel that our highly diversified clinic section has boosted us in popularity throughout the city,” Jaden notes.

Besides opening a section for people with special needs, Carrilon City dental at has also hired 3 extra dentists who are trained to deal disabled patients. The 3 dentists are expected to ease consultation among patients with cognitive disorders while also helping ease general examination procedures. Jaden however, notes that every other dentist at the clinic is trained to deal with all types of patient-and therefore the clinic can never disappoint customers looking for dental services.

“Our dentists are very friendly with every patient who visits us. They are trained to welcome and make the experience of any type of patient successful; which is why we feel confident that people with special needs will like our new section,” Jaden adds.

The clinic’s efforts to accommodate disable patients play a big role in improving the oral health of some of the most left out groups in the society. According to a 2010 research in Wisconsin, US, disabled people had poorer oral hygiene than the general public and they needed urgent attention for invisalign Perth. Another research in Melbourne also noted an increased rate of oral diseases among disabled patients compared to the general public.

With dedication toward the project, Carrilon city dental clinic hopes to improve both the oral hygiene of children and adults, as well as special groups like the old and the disabled.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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