Dr. Miinala Offers Carpentry Snapshot Report On Online Reputation

May 15, 2017
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Providing reputation management and online visibility services to help local businesses, professional and public figures gain more clients and increase revenue, Dr. Miinala Marketing has announced that they now provide a free report to those who are in the carpentry business regarding the current status of their reputation. This report is created through the new online reputation system that Dr. Miinala has developed herself.

She says: "I have developed a new online reputation system that enables those who are in the carpentry businesses to determine what their current reputation is, and what they can do in order to improve it. The snapshot report reveals how their reputation currently stands and based on that, they would be able to see what needs to be done to improve on it, and my team will be there to help them with that."

Although Dr. Miinala Marketing focuses on enhancing reputation as a way to attract new clients, the company also provides a lot of free advice, information, tips, and techniques. Besides the free report, they also share a lot of interesting information on their Facebook page. They encourage everyone to like this particular page so that they can become involved in the discussion and learn more about the things that they can implement themselves.

Dr. Miinala adds: "My team has worked very hard to develop a positive online reputation, and we want to share that with others. We love nothing more than to hear from existing and prospective clients and to have discussions about elements of best practice. Through our page on Facebook, we aim to hold that conversation and also learn from each other."

Dr. Miinala, as shown on her LinkedIn page, founded her company in 2015 and she has gone from strength to strength since then. Today, the company focuses on mobile apps and websites, social marketing, Google AdWords, online reputation management, digital publishing, marketing, and digital marketing, with a particular emphasis on local business. Initially, Dr. Miinala worked with law firms in particular, but she has now expanded this to include other industries, including the carpentry industry. She encourages everyone to access the snapshot report.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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