Verizon’s Fios Mobile App – Yet Another Reason to Cut the Cord on Cable TV

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Irvine, CA. — With Verizon’s new Fios TV and associated Fios Mobile app, users can access on-demand movies and TV programming at home and on the go—at a much lower cost than cable TV service.

Services like Netflix and Hulu offer streaming movies and TV series. More recently, they’ve even added live TV. This makes it easy to access popular shows and events without having to pay the high cost of a monthly home cable bill. Verizon’s new FiOS TV and FiOS Mobile app make it even easier to save money by offering users a way to live-stream premium channel shows, along with thousands of on-demand movies and TV programs right on their tablets and smartphones, without using up data on cell phone plans.

Money and lifestyle blogger David Ning of has advocated “cutting the cord” since he first saved $100 per month simply by discontinuing his cable TV service and cutting down on cell phone minutes. Fortunately for cell phone users, most Verizon Wireless plans now come with unlimited minutes for calls, so looking for a cheaper phone plan isn’t necessary, but services like FiOS TV make it easier than ever to give up cable.

What sets the new service apart is that streaming with FiOS Mobile is data-free, meaning movies and shows that normally use up a lot of bandwidth won’t count against data plan allowances when viewed with the app. When connected to Wi-Fi, users have access to 245 channels, but still have over 140 channels when they are on the go. Some content is even downloadable for viewing when out of cell service and Wi-Fi range.

Those interested in trying out FiOS TV and FiOS Mobile can save even more with Verizon FioOS promotions, which is especially beneficial for recurring expenses such as monthly cable bills. But there’s more reason to cut the cord than just saving money.

As Ning regularly points out on the blog, “Money isn’t everything. Family, friends, health, and personal values are more important than wealth and net worth…. Getting rid of unnecessary belongings and expenses, for things like cable channels you never watch, frees up your time and attention for the things that really matter.”

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