Dr. Miinala Marketing Company Offers Pet Shop Snapshot Report For Online Reputation

April 14, 2017
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Dr. Miinala Marketing is a company that provides services for businesses to help them to increase web page views and ultimately, their bottom lines. The company has recently announced that they are now offering free reports for pet shop owners that will let them know about the current status of their online presence and visibility. The goal is to help those businesses improved on their reputation to drive more traffic and ultimately, get more buyers and customers, thus increasing their revenue.

"Businesses need an online presence in order to be found," says a representative for Dr. Miinala Marketing. "This is true for both online and offline pet shops. They need to be locatable on Google and other search engines so that customers can easily find them. In addition, they need to have a good online reputation or potential customers will simply go to their competitors."

"Even if you don't sell things online, you need an online presence," explains the spokesperson. "An official business Facebook page could help you to considerably increase the number of customers, and therefore sales, that you see every week consistently."

The company states that pet store owners, whether they deal in live pets or pet supplies and accessories, should be able to be found easily by customers who search for these products online, particularly those in their local area. Shops that are not locatable via search engines are likely missing out on a lot of business according to the company representative.

The company explains that the free reports that are being offered are designed to help pet shop owners know the kind of online presence that they have, which in turn helps them to know what steps are needed to improve their overall online image. The representative for Dr. Miinala Marketing says that ensuring they have a trustworthy online reputation will go a long way in improving their sales and revenue.

The company states that through a LinkedIn page and various other social media and marketing strategies, they can assist companies in ensuring that they are being listed within the first few pages of search engine rankings for the specific products or services that they offer in their local areas. Pet shop owners that are interested can learn more about the company and their free snapshot reports by visiting them on their official website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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