Palouse Brand Offers Single Recipe Hummus Kits

February 15, 2017
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Free shipping is available for the single recipe hummus kits available from Palouse Brand. The family-owned business is based in Pullman, Washington.

Pullman WA: Palouse Brand and the Mader Family has been farming in the southeast part of Washington State for five generations. The cleaning plant was added to the operations in 2001. The Palouse Trading location takes raw food products and cleans them into edible food grade products. The farm operation uses sustainable agricultural practices such as Direct Seeding and No-Till practices. These practices have reduced soil erosion, increased soil health and controlled cost. In 2006, the farm became Food Alliance certified.

Palouse Brand has procedures and labeling in place which identify where their products were grown and harvested. This gives customers peace-of-mind about the certification and purity of non-GMO foods. Every step of the process, origination, cleaning and packaging, is under the control of the family owned business. The products can be found in various locations such as local food co-ops,, various restaurants, bakery supply companies, private grocery labels and personal chefs.

Hummus is a popular dip or spread which is based on the garbanzo bean. A variety of different seasonings can be added to appeal to the widest number of consumers. The flavors and texture are perfect for family gatherings, parties or any other occasion. The dip or spread may be combined with vegetables, fruits, pita chips or sandwich spread. Hummus is traditionally a delight coming from the Middle East. It is healthy and delicious.

The single recipe kits contain 30-ounces of the garbanzo base plus one of the hand-crafted recipes. The seasoning packets offer a choice of Garlic and Herb, Mediterranean or the Bare Hummus Kit. The only ingredients to be added are water and oil. In the hummus kits, are the beautifully harvested garbanzo beans, sesame seeds, and the seasoning kit of the selected hummus recipe. Additional ingredients can be added to the basic recipe to personalize it.

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Contact Palouse Brand:

Sara Mader
4932 WA-27, Pullman WA 99163
(509) 332-1535

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