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Overhead Crane Manufacturer Now Offers Free Standing Jib Cranes

February 14, 2017
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Warren-based Overhead Crane Manufacturer has launched a new product in its overhead crane line. The availability of free standing jib cranes is essential in construction and many other industries.

Warren OH: Overhead Crane Manufacturer and Jeff Collins are pleased to announce the launch of free standing jib cranes in their product inventory. Cranes are an important part of the construction industry, as well as many other industries. Cranes are designed to support, position, build and transport materials of many sizes and shapes. A custom-built crane is more affordable than other types and be be manually or electrically operated. In manufacturing and industrial settings, they are used to lift and move goods.

Free standing jib cranes help workers to increase the volume of work by handling very heavy loads easily and precisely. Cranes are effective in moving heavy items from one workstation to another. There are many types of jib cranes, designed for needs of the specific operation. The design of jib cranes are simple. The primary components are masts and booms which rotate through a prescribed area.

The cranes may be free-standing, floor or wall mounted. Floor mounted jib cranes give the operator a 360-degree view. This type of crane is heavy duty and require special foundations to be mounted. They are more expensive than others. Wall-mounted cranes have a 180-degree rotation coverage area. They are strong enough to handle up to five tons. Articulating cranes offer a range of motion and lifting flexibility options.

There are several types of freestanding jibs, some of the best known are an enclosed rail jib crane and an I-beam crane. This type of crane is one of the most popular choices when lifting functions are not required throughout the job site.

Wheels on a portable crane allow it to be moved from one location to another. It can also be moved with a fork truck. Portable cranes can serve the same purpose as any other crane, but doesn't require damage to the foundation.

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