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Mallee Blue Media Urges Digital Agencies to Adopt Ethical Marketing Standards

November 28, 2016
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Mallee Blue Media urges digital agencies to adopt ethical digital marketing and search engine optimization practices. The topic is explained in a statement published on their website.

NSW, Australia: David Trounce, founder of Mallee Blue Media released a statement this month, urging online business to pay closer attention to the ethical marketing standards of digital marketing agencies.

The statement comes after many small business have been hit by SEO and online marketing scams. The article sets forth the pros and cons of doing honest (ethical) digital marketing and search engine optimization and encourages small business to take a proactive approach in ethical marketing.

The article answers the question: “Does ethics in search marketing matter?” and focuses on the damage done to brands which deal in dishonest search engine practices.

The statement highlights the issues of ethical search marketing and describes the typical dishonest practices or tactics in online marketing. Dishonest companies may claim to place the customer's business on the first page of Google search results, but provide a disclaimer elsewhere on the page.

“Companies who are unwilling or unable to describe how they will obtain promised results may not be reputable,” says Mallee Blue Media.

When a company is practicing ethical search engine optimization tactics, the brand benefits. The company says that clients and customers today are becoming smarter about the tools and practices of website marketing and search engine optimization companies. Such companies would be well-served to ensure they are practicing only ethical methods.

“SEO service providers should be willing to apply moral and legal standards to website marketing and be transparent in their dealings with clients,” says David. “They need to abide by the guidelines of the search engine they are optimizing for. They need to be willing to disclose their work to clients and provide clear contracts and descriptions of services provided.”

According to David Trounce, “Ethical SEO services can co-exist to the benefit of both client and agency. If they are providing an expert SEO service, they will bring great outcomes for clients in Google search engine results and build the client trust needed for their brand to thrive and survive.

“Smart business will always want to know exactly what an SEO consultant is going to do on their site before signing on the bottom line,” says Mallee Blue Media.

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SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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