Houston DWI Lawyer Aims To Improve Drunk Driving Statistics In City

October 18, 2016
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Houston, TX, being the worst city in regards to DUI/DWI cases, a law firm in Houston, has one of the only attorneys who focuses solely on DUI/DWI cases. He has put systems in place in an effort to lower the statistics in the area, while at the same time providing excellent representation to those who have been charged with this offense. Known as the best DWI lawyer Houston has to offer, many people have been able to find resolution for their issues.

In 2011, there were 2,669 drunk driving accidents in Harris County, resulting in 169 fatalities. The next year, these statistics were even worse, with 2,809 drunk driving accidents, 175 of which resulted in fatalities.

Texas as a whole seems to have a significant issue with drunk driving. In 2013, the state led the nation, having had some 1,337 deaths due to drunk drivers. This represented 39.5% of all traffic deaths in the state, a nearly 4% rise since the year before. 2014 fared slightly better, with a decrease to 1,014 fatalities, but this was still very high.

When looking at the crashes caused by drunk drivers, the statistics are even worse. In 2013, there were over 25,000 crashes caused by drivers who had at least some alcohol in their system. This resulted in 15,687 injuries. That same year, there were some 99,915 DWI arrests, which further shows the extent of the problem. Of these arrests, 71,030 were convicted.

Jim Butler Law, the law firm in Houston, has represented many of those who were arrested, particularly if they were in Harris County. It was through their excellent representation, with a focus solely on this particular offense, that many people were able to escape a conviction. At the same time, however, the law firm wants to ensure people start to understand the consequences of drunk driving and avoid it altogether.

A spokesperson for Jim Butler Law says: "Cases and pricing are on a case to case basis. Payment plans available for all clients, and Jim's pricing is very competitive in the market due to his exceptional case statistics."

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