Total Touch POS Reseller Program Is Now Available in Tennessee

August 09, 2022
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Total Touch POS Reseller is happy to announce that their point of sale (POS) reseller program is now available in Tennessee. This program provides a number of benefits to value-added resellers in the State of Tennessee who will approach nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and similar establishments and offer the Total Touch POS system. The benefits offered include: faster completion of deals, expansion of their portfolio, unlimited income growth, enhanced client retention, and integrated POS solutions. Recently, they have extended the program to include South Dakota POS resellers.

By joining the reseller program, resellers would be able to offer a POS system that will not require the merchants to change their payment processors, which means they would be able to expand their business and increase their income. Total Touch can function with most of the leading payment processors, which means that the restaurants can continue using their preferred merchant services provider. Total Touch is a server-based system with cloud-based reporting features, which help restaurants to minimize their downtime and be ensured that their system would be functioning reliably and efficiently even during their busiest times. Furthermore, this hybrid POS system allows restaurant owners and managers to have full control over the system so that they can check on their performance at any time and wherever they are.


Matthew Dye, Director of Sales for Total Touch POS, says, “We help support our Value Added Resellers by providing them with the industry's best restaurant point of sale system. You can provide your clients with a cutting-edge POS system for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. You can help your bar and nightclub owners grow their businesses while increasing your residuals by providing them with a comprehensive point of sale system.”

An essential feature of the Total Touch POS system is its open table management capability. This enables the restaurant manager or owner to enhance the overall guest experience by managing open tables. They are able to optimize the tables as a way to minimize the wait times for customers and improve checkout speed, which in turn results in more customers while boosting customer satisfaction. It is also possible for the restaurant owner or manager to split checks by item or by seat, which enhances the customer’s dining experience and boosts the chances of repeat business.

The Total Touch system also has online and mobile ordering features, which is useful, especially during this time when more people are ordering online. The use of the Total Touch mobile ordering feature can increase efficiency and sales. And lastly, Total Touch is simple and easy to use. Servers and bartenders find it easy and simple to use the system and efficiently handle customers even during their busiest times, which means improved customer experiences, higher retention, and more revenue.

Established in 2003, Total Touch POS is an intuitive POS software suite that can help restaurants and other food service businesses focus on their goal of delivering the best possible dining experience to their customers. The Total Touch POS solutions are aimed at the unique management and operational requirements of restaurant owners. Thus, Total Touch has gained the reputation of being the preferred solution for a wide range of restaurants, from simple burger joints up to fine dining restaurants.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Total Touch POS Reseller Program in Tennessee can check out their website at or contact them on the phone.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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