TK Roofing & Gutters Shares Roof Replacement Preparation Guide

March 12, 2021
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Akron-based TK Roofing & Gutters recently posted a complete blog post on how to prepare for roof replacement in Ohio. Their recent article discussed the best time to replace a roof, and they are continuing to detail the steps of the roof replacement process. In the most recent article, the top Ohio roofer highlights the need for roof replacement as crucial for the property’s safety, efficiency, and functionality.

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“A good rule of thumb is to allow two days for your roof replacement,” says Daryl Gentry, owner of TK Roofing & Gutters. The Akron roof repair contractor explains that the size of the roof and other factors determine the duration of the project. Preparation is integral to making the roofing process easier. A professional roofing company in Akron, OH, can leverage its experience, resources, and knowledge to better prepare for the roof.

The top Akron roofer suggests homeowners make a decision to relocate during the roof replacement project, adding, “Replacing your roof isn't a silent job. When you're getting a new roof installed, there will be some inherent noise that comes with the type of work being done. Staying home shouldn't be an issue, as long as you don’t mind the potential noise and some disruption.”

Roof replacement preparation involves moving valuables and fragile items to a safer place before the construction starts to prevent any damage from debris possibly falling in attic spaces.

“If you don't want to leave your house during the project, schedule to have the job completed when your loved ones aren’t in the home because these loud noises will be consistent until the new roof is done,” suggests Gentry. TK Roofing & Gutters suggests keeping pets inside while the roofing project is underway to keep them safe. Roofers need space to throw the old shingles and set up their ladders and other equipment.

The best locally-owned roof repair company in Akron, OH, will ensure that there is no damage to your assets. However, there is bound to be some vibration and debris that can damage and scratch windows. TK Roofing suggests boarding up windows for the duration of the project to protect them from potential damage.

The Ohio roof replacement contractor explains the need to remove wall decorations to keep them from falling off while the roofers are at work. Any family favorites or heirlooms need to be moved to safer spots. Another important preparation aspect is to remove any vehicles from the driveway, leaving the parking space vacant for the roofing professionals to use.

They will need a place to load shingles and debris, and they will need a good place for their dump trailer. “Keep your garage doors closed until the project is complete to keep out the dust and debris,” adds the best Akron roof repair company.

Preparation for a roofing project in Akron, Ohio, involves removing satellite dishes and antennas. TK Roofing & Gutters recommends reinstalling the satellite and antenna on a pole instead of on the roof once the project is complete.

Before the roof installation process begins, one important step is to remove or trim any tree branches hanging low near the roof, states the #1 Ohio roof replacement company. “A reputable roofer will use vinyl tarps to protect the plants and grass around your home.”

Keep the outdoor patio furniture at a safe location, suggests TK Roofing & Gutter, adding that this will prevent any damage to the personal assets and reduce the risk of injury to the roof replacement team. “It's a safety precaution, first and foremost, to ensure the safety of the roofers that will be completing the project. You don't want anyone tripping over children’s toys, bikes, patio furniture, etc.”

Another important aspect of roof replacement preparation is to identify outdoor power outlets for workers to safely hook up their equipment when they get started. “If you don’t have any exterior outlets, they’ll need to be able to run extension cords in a way that minimizes tripping hazards.”

It is important that roofers in Akron get easy access to power outlets without causing a tangled mess or a tripping hazard.

Preparation is the key before scheduling a roof replacement in Ohio with a reputable roofing contractor that promises to deliver a quality roof installation. Anybody planning a roof replacement in Ohio should get in touch with the #1 Akron roof replacement company via their website.

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