Today Philip Jepsen, CEO and founder of ManageByStats, a software suite of Amazon seller tools for Amazon sellers, reported that the company's flagship program, ManageByStats, ...

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Tracey & Fox has announced that another morcellator lawsuit plaintiff has passed away. The plaintiff filed her lawsuit on April 7th, 2015 in the United States District Co ...
The legal community has watched as a steady stream of lawsuits claim GlaxoSmithKline’s anti-nausea drug Zofran causes birth defects.
Swim Leaders, a business based in Portland, Oregon, is proud to announce that they have launched their brand new silicone swim cap.
Bradenton Carpet Cleaner happily announced that they are now offering fall specials exclusive for all homeowners within the greater Bradenton in Florida.
Vitamin Remedies, a health and nutrition company in Miami, FL, is proud to announce that Dr.

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October 06
CHARLOTTE, NC – Anna Granger became an Amazon Bestselling Author with her new book, “The Essential Guide To Charlotte Real Estate, Insights From Fourteen Local Experts.” The b ...
October 06
Quantum Marketing System, a sales and marketing training company based in Minneapolis, MN, has announced the 2016 schedule for a free two-day marketing workshop for insurance ...
October 06
Urban Life Assets Releases the Ultimate Canvas Messenger Bag for Men, Women and Teens With inspiration taken from the classic military canvas messenger bag for men, Urban Lif ...
October 06
Paradigm Podiatry, a Pembroke Pines, Florida based clinic, has announced a possible solution to common ankle sprains.
October 06
Express Birmingham (North), a Birmingham, AL Employment Agency,  was declared the winner of Bob's 30/50+ Challenge - Circle United contest.
October 06
Andrew Darius, the renown video marketer, has announced the launch of Social Video Spark the first ever Facebook Timeline video ranking software which bridges viral traffic fr ...

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West Coast Marketers, a business located in Beverly Hills, California, has launched a review of P1 Targeting App by Peter Garety to give emphasis on the value of proper keywor ..., an online business website based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has announced to lower their prices to make them one of the most affordable choices among the l ... reports today on two new developments in the Philadelphia Mass Tort Litigation.  Recently, two new case management orders, Case Management Order No.
The Gold Rush Exchange, a company based in Southfield, Michigan, has launched a review of the top rated Gold IRA companies in the market today.
New Braunfels, Texas - Lead Launch introduces a Form to Phone Call software to the market to meet the growing demands for a better way to contact leads immediately.
Condos in Steamboat, a property management company in Steamboat Springs, CO, has announced a 'book early and be rewarded' program., a business located in Edinburgh, UK, has announced the release of the latest top of the line Swegways to meet the growing demands for quality and affordable sel ...

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Concepts of Spring has revealed new information that shows that Omega 3 is essential for children.
Missame LLC, a business based in Sacramento, CA, has announced that the release of a new eBook, 'Looking Fabulous - Makeup Tips and Fundamentals'.
Healthy Smiles Dental, a dental office in Anchorage, AK, is now offering a full suite of cosmetic dentistry services.
Adodo Consultancy Services Limited, a business in Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottingham, United Kingdom, has announced that they have launched their "your online friend" service.
Boston, Ma: The UMass Department of Psychiatry and the Food Addiction Institute will hold their 2nd Annual Food Addiction Conference on Friday and Saturday, October 16th and 1 ...
The Northbrook Dentist Office Dr.
London, UK --  It's a time for making memories and no memory is more special than getting engaged.
"The Blue Light Diet", the world's first diet of light, is a soon to be released book that many say is poised to become a best seller.
Zombie Cajun, a hot sauce maker in Spring Hill, TN, is drawing attention to their Zombie Cajun hot sauce gift set, which could be used as Halloween gift.
The Water Softener Critic, a business in Michigan, ND, has released a complete review of the various water softener systems available.
Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys LLP, a personal injury law firm in Bend, OR, has announced that they now accept cases relating to dog bites and dog attacks.
27 Diamonds Interior Design, based in Westminster, CA, has announced the provision of affordable interior design services in Orange County, California, and neighboring areas.
Celebrities have long been trendsetters and the one sure way for a new trend or hobby to gain mass attention, and this has happened with gardening.
Govivo, a provider of a number of health and fitness products, has announced that their Running Fanny Pack has been featured on the popular Runner Unleashed blog.
Playtime Gadgets has announced that Bob Tobias has given the Austin, Texas based company's All-Weather Photo Wetsuit a five star video review, which is something that is very ...
London, UK, OCT 3, 2015 – Not all Asian wedding customs are the same.
London, UK, OCT 3, 2015 – The country of Kenya is going green with online VISAs or eVISAs.
Knives Ship Free, a Michigan based knife dealer, has announced an exclusive deal with Benchmade Knives to sell their 908BK-1501 Axis Stryker II.
Ninja Marketing has announced that rooftop solar San Diego companies need to ask for a tariff extension.
London, UK, OCT 3, 2015 – A BBC news article dated 13 August 2014, reported that a 55-year-old Wimbledon resident learned the desperation of thieves when he found himself on t ...
Banville Law reports that AndroGel  and other low testosterone treatment ads allude to the fact that their drugs can make a man feel young again, restoring his vitality and se ...
Ron's Amazing Products, based in Catonsville, Maryland, has announced that their most popular product, which is a camera that looks like an ink pen, has recently received mo ...
A group of Chinese researchers has found that children who participate in 40 minutes of outdoor activities a day can reduce their chances of developing short-sightedness.
Central Point, Oregon:  Small business owner Rickey Williams of recently had to make a decision about growing his company, a choice that turned out to be a no- ...

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Flott & Co.
Petrelli Law, P.C., a law firm in Philadelphia, PA, has launched a brand new website in partnership with Attorney Erik Vogel to offer free case reviews for bike accidents in t ...
Albuquerque, NM  (September 23, 2015) – Brave Transitions: A Woman’s Guide for Maintaining Composure Through Changes in Work and Life is the second book by author, leadership ...
Leicestershire, UK based Remittio Ltd.
Portland, Oregon based VitaVersa has announced a special promotion on their bamboo cutting boards.
Over the past few months, 1st Family Dental, a Chicago orthodontic and dental practice with 10 offices in the city and suburbs of Chicago, has been partnering with St.
Pan-Pacific Mechanical is a certified women-owned corporation with nearly 1,000 employees specializing in large, complex plumbing and mechanical projects.
      September 30, 2015 - Silicon Valley companies, Locbit and AmbyGear, announced their collaboration designed to integrate wearable devices and the Internet of Thing ...
Dancing Pet Natural Pet Products in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has announced the launch of a new product for dogs and cats.
Polymer Industries of Henagar, Alabama has added an additional piece of extrusion equipment to their production facility.
Norcross, Georgia based company Care Me has introduced two models of electric callus removers that they are citing as potential gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.
Animated video company Cartoon Media is celebrating its 3 year anniversary this week, and has given its logo, featuring its mascot Power Pen, a birthday-themed update. The ...
Anna Loehwing, COO and spokesperson for First Aid Shoppe, suppliers of high-end first aid and survival gear, reported today that the one-way valve in their mini CPR Mask is a ...
PrimeEffects, providers of quality niche products in the fields of health and safety, reports that the material used to construct their updated sleep mask has been designed to ...
Amazing Health Solutions, a health and beauty business in Catonsville, Maryland, has announced that they have recently launched their new blog that focuses on weight loss and ...
Kitchenware business Heirloom Culinary, based in Rushford, NY, which has recently released a set of durable kitchen shears to the market has also released a 191 Secret Italian ...
Pompano Beach, Fla.
Rejuvenation Clinic today announced their new website dedicated solely to their Ultherapy treatment division for their customers in NYC.  The new website fills a void where cu ...