Organized Prepper LLC Announces the Addition of Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods to Its Inventory

May 02, 2014
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Lewisville, TX – For those who worry about the end of the world or those who just want to be ready in case of a power outage, Organized Prepper has everything needed to be prepared for a disaster. Since no one knows when life might throw that destructive curve ball, it may be necessary to have food that can be safely stored for long periods. Organized Prepper is proud to announce it has expanded its inventory of storage food, now offering the Mountain House brand of Freeze Dried Food, the industry-leader of premium quality, long-term storage food.

Mountain House, distributed by Oregon Freeze Dry since 1970, is the number one domestic brand of freeze dried food for hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Recently, it has become the favorite long-term food solutions for those involved in emergency preparedness.

One of the reasons Mountain House is so popular is its long shelf life. Mountain House is the only brand of freeze dried foods that determines shelf life by testing its own archived products. A recent internal taste test compared the quality and taste of current products against the same ones that were 30 years older. The study concluded that the older products performed as well and were still as nutritious and flavorful after 30 years on the shelf.

According to Norm Jager, head of research and development for Mountain House, “When you eat 30-year old Mountain House food you will more than just survive on it, you will enjoy it and get almost the exact same nutrition as freshly made product.” Its extended shelf life is attributed to the packaging, manufacturing processes and quality control.

Organized Prepper now carries a large selection of the Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods. They offer some of the more popular meals including beef stroganoff, biscuits and gravy, lasagna and apple crisp. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes from 4.59 ounce and 9.60 ounce pouches to #10 cans and “Just in Case” Buckets containing 12 meals. All products are convenient and easy to prepare.

About Organized Prepper LLC

Organized Prepper is a family-owned business dedicated to providing information and supplies for those who wish to be prepared for a disaster or who enjoy rustic camping. They offer a large inventory of preparedness supplies as well as two information blogs to help their customers prepare for disasters. From the experienced survivalist to the “newbie prepper,” Organized Prepper has everything it takes to meet whatever curve ball life throws.

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